Job Hunting Resources, Skills & Advice

Job Hunting Resources, Skills and AdviceWelcome to our Job Hunting Resources section. We are renewing this section for developing successful job search strategies, giving essential advice and dealing with related issues. Our Executive CV BLOG also contains useful information on searching for jobs and other CV, interview and career-related issues.


  • Developing an effective job hunting strategy
  • Career planning, objective setting and considering options
  • Job hunting resources, techniques and research skills
  • Targeting opportunities, headhunters and employers
  • Wider job hunting issues and improving results
  • Creating effective career networking strategies
  • Search For ‘Live’ Vacancies in over 60 countries via CareerJet
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A to Z of Executive Job Hunting
  • From A to F: Achievements, Being Specific, CV, Development (Career), Examples, Feedback
  • From G to L: Guidance, Housekeeping, Interviews, Job Market, Knowledge, Long-Term Plans
  • From M to R: Motivations, Networking, Objective Setting, Presentation, Questions, Research
  • From S to Z: Sales Pitch, Targeting Plans, USPs, Vision, Weaknesses, X-Factor, ‘You’, ‘Zero’
Executive Job Hunting Strategies
Successful executive job hunting strategies using a framework for effective job hunting strategies. Plan, evaluate and improve performance using a range of job seeking techniques - key points.
Strategies Applying for Executive Jobs Online with the ever-growing use of technology, executives need to optimise CVs, online applications and online presence to be most effective.
Tips for finding exec jobs with main elements based on experiences of dealing with executives and understanding the wider job market - key to success is planning and preparation.
Online Presence: Job Hunting and Social Media
Steps for Improving An Online Presence as many recruitment, networking and business activities are conducted online, so it is expected that executives need to create a credible online presence.
The Business of Social Media - with the growing prominence of social media in our everyday lives, use it for finding jobs, gathering information and building networks (employer contacts).
Other Job Hunting Articles
Job Hunting Advice for 2012: Effective preparation (planning), being proactive and adopting a focused approach to finding employment are crucial elements.