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Executive Career Solutions (UK) – CEO / Executive CV Writing Service, Executive Mentoring Solutions & Business / Leadership Coaching. Helping executives plan and execute next career moves with affordable MBA-qualified EXECUTIVE CAREER MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS for Chief Executives, Board-Level Executives, Managing Directors and Company Directors. Benefit from self-marketing strategies and a differentiated approach to help optimise career success at the very highest level. Includes building capabilities by focusing on key actions, executive headhunter engagement, CEO / executive interview performance, executive networking skills, personal branding, job hunting strategies and so on. For less than 1% of annual salary, invest in future career prospects and help gain a competitive advantage over other CEO / exec-level candidates. See how can we help develop your ‘value proposition’ and maximise opportunities.

Defining ‘Value Propositions’ for CEOs, Executives & Directors

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Chief Executives

Chief Executive CV + Career Solutions

CEO CV / Resume & Executive Mentoring Solutions for Chief Executives & Company Presidents of global corporations, key organisations and major brands.

Board Executive Services

Board Executive Resume + Options

Bespoke solutions for Boardroom Executives, Senior Executives & Company Vice-Presidents, notably ‘Chief Officer’ job titles for roles within major corporations.

Managing Director CV

Managing Director CV + Add-Ons

Help for Managing Directors, General Managers or Business Unit Directors looking for progression, value-added mentoring services or ongoing guidance.

Director CV Services

Company Director CV + Solutions

Solutions for Company Directors, Functional Directors & Business Heads of major corporations, international organisations, growing companies or turnarounds.

LinkedIn Profiles

LinkedIn Profiles / Online Presence

Maximising opportunities via LinkedIn using an effective online presence to improve networking credentials with business contacts, headhunters & influencers.

Executive Career Management Solutions

CEO & Executive Career Solutions

Executive Mentoring & Career Management Advice – Telephone Mentoring, CEO / Executive Interviews, Career Plans, Personal Branding and Headhunter Strategies.

Company Profile: Bespoke Solutions + Optional Add-Ons

As an Executive Career Management Consultancy, we have built a strong reputation for managing different scenarios across diverse industry sectors, including technical professions, global corporations, influential business leaders, successful entrepreneurs, senior / top consultants and international organisations (UN / NGOs). As Executive Career Strategists & Self-Marketing Specialists we help executives achieve success at the very highest level by offering bespoke solutions to define individual ‘value propositions’. We have an impressive range of clients, notably top executives in high profile executive leadership positions for global corporations, large organisations, major brands and growing entities. We deal with executives from all backgrounds – typical salaries and benefit packages reaching from 75k to 500k per annum (even in excess of 1 million UK GBP). Until further notice, due to high demand our services only cover UK & Europe, USA & Canada, Dubai / UAE & selected other countries. Add-Ons must be ordered with a main executive CV writing service or be an existing customer. Please check availability if required.

The executive resume is central to any successful job hunting strategy and can certainly improve chances of securing interviews. It is about applying effective marketing principles and strategies to target specific roles. Added value is gained through effective career planning (management), personal branding (a defined value proposition) and executive mentoring / coaching solutions by adopting an integrated approach to ensure a worthwhile investment’

EXECUTIVECV.NET (Executive Career Solutions)

NOTE: All value-added services are subject to availability and may be withdrawn at peak times. For best results, optional value-added services must be ordered with an executive resume writing service. This acts as a solid baseline to critically analyse scenarios, define strategies (positioning / targeting strategy), identify further needs (gap analysis) and recommend best options to help manage successful careers going forward. This offers a flexible (incremental) approach to managing future careers by adapting to individual needs. Contact us about your specific requirements.

Our Services & Price Summary

‘Thanks for all your help. The notes, tips and suggestions are very relevant and helpful’.

Global Sales Director - from a well-known Global IT Corporation
Executive Career Solutions
‘Thank you very much I should have gone via your services many years ago. Everything is looking great and I will not hesitate to recommend your services. Best regards, Philip’
Philip (International Business Development Director)
Director CV + LinkedIn + Additional Career Management Options
5 / 5 stars

‘Thanks and excellent final outcome. I once again appreciate your efforts and guidance with special regard to an executive level mindset. It has impacted positively on my approach regarding top level roles. Thanks again. Steve’

Steve, Chief Operating Officer (COO)
Board Executive CV Writing Service + LinkedIn (Online Presence) + Add-On Career Solutions (Integrated Solution)
5 / 5 stars