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Choosing the best CV company to suit our needs is important. We are CV writing experts UK providing affordable MBA-qualified solutions for CEOs, executives and directors. Executive Career Solutions is an Executive Career Management company with significant expertise in this arena. Our role is to support senior executives in planning and executing next career moves to achieve success at the very highest level within organisations. Our collaborative approach allows us to work closely with executives to understand different scenarios and find optimal ways of delivering career success. Find out how we can help make a difference.

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CV Writing Experts UK: Executive Resumes

Often it is all about fine-tuning. First, we define an optimal value proposition and then build credentials to help candidates stand out from the competition. Refining strategies with added attention to detail often makes a difference for achieving top-level positions. We aim to place candidates on solid foundations and with a unique value proposition and direct positioning for target roles. As CV writing experts UK, our services are affordable, high quality and premium in nature to ensure best results in a competitive executive job market. Find out more about our approaches, mission and core values below.

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About Executive Career Solutions

Executive Career Solutions: Career Strategists

Given most top recruiters still view the CV / resume as the single most important element of any executive job search, we use the executive resume as a means of getting a baseline and laying the foundations of any successful career strategy. The executive resume allows us to understand each individual ‘career scenario’ by providing essential building blocks for adding other services. Regardless, of whichever executive career management company people choose, great attention is always given towards getting the executive resume right. This is the first thing to be completed.

Resume Experts: A Worthwhile Career Investment

Taking the ‘bigger’ picture into account, we also offer a more integrated approach towards building capabilities for achieving career objectives. Overall, we have created the notion of a one-stop career management service through integrating different elements based on individual requirements. So, whatever the scenario and whether it is simply an executive resume or more complex situation requiring added attention or integrating different services, we are able to work together in finding the right solution and give a worthwhile return on investment.

‘Thanks for your expert advice – it’s been invaluable’ : CEO (client feedback)

Our Personal Approach

About Company MD

‘Let us help develop your value proposition to stand out from the crowd.’ – Nick : Company MD (MBA-qualified).

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Our Executive-Level Credentials

Customers place great faith and trust in our services, so a measure of our success comes from personal recommendation, excellent feedback and solutions that stand up to scrutiny from executive headhunters. Our background comes from dealing with executives for a leading global corporation by understanding needs, expectations and what top executives look for in candidates. Combined with excellent business awareness, understanding of the recruitment market, experience of mentoring individuals and strong marketing credentials (MBA-qualified), this puts us in a strong position to help.

Our Mission Statement

‘Helping CEOs, Executives and Directors to market themselves more effectively to take advantage of opportunities for employment, networking and career development by understanding key drivers, competencies and elements shaping career success for individuals’.

Our Strategic Approach: Developing Effective Strategies

Put simply, we carefully assess all aspects involved in a successful job search to build up a wider picture of the candidate, evaluate key drivers in the job market and identify core competencies to formulate the best possible CV Strategy. At Executive Career Solutions, we offer a more considered, targeted and thorough approach to executive CV writing, which sets us apart from the competition.

Quality Assured Bespoke Resumes

By going through the following Executive CV Writing Methodology, we are able to deliver consistently high specification CVs by carefully matching employment market factors with candidate needs/expectations to create a best possible solution. ALL CVs are written from scratch.

Adding Value

When writing executive resumes, we use the WHAT and HOW elements to help substantiate clear OUTCOMES and convey a highly credible track record of achievement based on:

  • WHAT = Developing ideas, examples and evidence of suitability towards targeted job roles.

  • HOW = Evidence of high level decision-making, business processes and areas of expertise.

  • OUTCOMES = Showcasing impacts on the wider organisation and achievements.

Addressing Specific Issues

We evaluate executive CVs on a daily basis, so we see candidates underselling themselves, not telling recruiters exactly what they are good at (i.e. skills/expertise) and failing to convey achievements effectively. Most candidates focus on telling recruiters WHAT they have done, but fail to place the CV into context by explaining HOW they have excelled in certain areas to impact on the wider organisation via achievements.

Assessing Job Market Factors

  1. Identifying key drivers within the job market trends, requirements and key success factors.

  2. Working with customers to identify target roles – targeted approaches yield far better results.

  3. Finding aspects to differentiate candidates in an intensely competitive employment market.

Executive Resume Strategy + Value-Added Career Solutions

Executive resumes are central to any successful job hunting strategy and can certainly improve chances of securing interviews. It is about applying effective marketing principles and strategies to target specific roles. Added value is gained through effective career planning (management), personal branding (a defined value proposition) and executive mentoring / coaching solutions by adopting an integrated approach to ensure a worthwhile investment’

Defining a clear value proposition is key as this underpins everything from building capabilities to executing a plan. Refining propositions also helps executives stand out from the crowd and differentiate from the competition!

  • Career Aspirations: Outlining a career vision / ultimate goals (career visioning)
  • Career Planning: Defining a career path / setting objectives to meet aspirations
  • Previous Experiences: Skills, expertise, achievements and evidence of suitability
  • CV Resume: Pulling things together using an impressive marketing document
  • Job Hunting Strategy: Ensuring a balanced, targeted and proactive strategy
  • Interview Preparation: Improving interview skills and building confidence
  • Interview Performance: Executing on-the-day / acting on interview feedback
  • Refinements / Fine Tuning: Assessing areas of improvement across all areas

Executive Career Solutions: Core Values

  • Keeping it simple: Transparent prices and clear descriptions of our services
  • Quality Assurance: Giving resumes the time and attention they deserve
  • Bespoke Solutions: Resumes are written from scratch according to needs
  • Affordable Services: Overheads are deliberately kept low to pass on savings!
  • Value-Added Options: Optional CEO / Executive career management solutions
  • Proven Formula: A sound career investment for people (track record of success)
  • Trusted Services: Much of our business comes from personal recommendation

Other Values & Impacts

  • Boosting Confidence: Our solutions help motivate and give added confidence
  • Saving Time: Saves time and resources (benefit from professional expertise).
  • Realising Potential: Helping high-flying executives achieve overall potential
  • Better Self-Marketing: Selling skills, experience and credentials more effectively
  • Targeted Approach: Well-targeted / clearly defined strategy yields better results
  • Future Investment: Thinking about long-term and ultimate career aspirations
  • Exceeding Expectations: Receiving excellent feedback from our customers

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I’m really happy to have found you
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I want to say that finally I found a professional person, with a proper knowledge and background, asking the right things and going directly to the point. Not mention to say that I’m really happy to have found you, considering that in the “sea” of so... View More

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Very well done
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Very well done. Currently travelling with my family. Thanks for the superb job on this. Merry Christmas to you and your family. I wish you and your company every success for 2016. Jacob