Cookies Policy

Executive Career Solutions uses cookies to identify your computer between our server and Internet Browser for the purpose of identifying items selected on our shopping cart, items in your shopping basket and enabling customers to progress through the checkout, ordering and payment process. The disabling of cookies via your web browser prevents any shopping cart transactions happening through the Executive Career Solutions online store.

Executive Career Solutions our website visitors (users) that no personal information is stored and cookies are only used to enhance the overall customer experience when purchasing items online.

Executive Career Solutions has responded to changes in EU Regulations requiring websites to provide greater transparency on cookies policies and use. This ensures Executive Career Solutions complies with the changes in regulations for the Privacy and Electronic Communications in 2011 from the original EU Directive (2003).

The way our website is designed and operates relies on the use of a WordPress Content Management System (CMS). The CMS, WordPress plugins, Google Analytics and website security applications may also use cookies for the provision of their own services to Such applications used by are purely designed to improve the user experience rather than for collecting any personal information using web browsers.

For the purpose of our cookies policy, Executive Career Solutions assumes that by using our website that you are giving implied consent for the use of cookies (as outlined above) to be stored on your computer via a web browser in line with EU Regulations. This Regulation was introduced in May 2012.