Quick Online Payment

  1. Goto required CV Service (dedicated pages and order buttons) – pay online or over the phone.

  2. Online payments must FULLY AGREE to terms and conditions (shown below order boxes).

  3. Click BUY NOW button. Takes you to the Executive Career Solutions PayPal Summary Page.

  4. Click Continue to enter payment details DIRECTLY ONLINE (or Sign-In to PayPal account).

  5. Please enquire about availability for bespoke Executive Career Management Solutions

After Making Payment

  1. Receive confirmation email, information requirements and Executive Career Solutions Application Form.

  2. Please send us any combination of an existing CV, CV notes or completed Application Form.

  3. Executive Career Solutions guides customers through the whole process and any information needs.

  4. Final CV draft is sent for review – minor amendments and finalisation before completion.

  5. Documents are sent in Microsoft Word (compatibility mode) for both .docx & PDF formats

  6. Documents are sent in .docx format for compatibility with Apple Mac & Open Source software

Information Gathering Requirements

  • Send relevant information such as an existing CV, CV notes or anything else deemed useful.

  • Quick application form – complete core questions on the Career Questions Application Form

  • Option to send across job examples of interest relating to specific target roles.

  • Main Exception: IF NO EXISTING CV, please complete Career Questions Application Form

Our Approach: Summary

  • We evaluate how candidates interact with the job market to help identify a clear career

  • We assess career motivations, aspirations and circumstances to define best CV strategy

  • We consider positioning factors like salary, job title and responsibilities relative to job roles

  • We action a gap analysis to deal with any potential issues and information requirements

  • We create a viable marketing document by developing ideas, examples, skills and evidence

  • CV Progression: Our CVs are written from scratch and will often ask further questions

Bespoke Requirements (Hourly Rate Charges)

We have introduced bespoke charging depending on the complexity of Bespoke Requirements based on cost per hour charging. Executive Career Solutions will agree charges in advance of any bespoke work being undertaken for any aspect of career management or dealing with very specific requirements. This gives us the flexibility to charge for bespoke services that do not fit into existing services.

DISCLAIMER: All value added services are subject to availability and may be withdrawn at short notice, especially during peak periods. It is always best to contact Executive Career Solutions in advance to agree charges and set expectations for added LinkedIn services and Bespoke Requirements. Charges reflect the level of added complexity, managing specific scenarios and length of time required to complete tasks on behalf of customers. We will try to be as helpful as possible by guiding customers to what we think is going to be the right level of service and the components that would comprise a bespoke service. Thank you for your cooperation. Best thing is – just ask us for a quote and we can email you a response.

Bespoke Customer Orders (MUST be Agreed in Advance)