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Customer Orders & Payment

  • Work only commences once full payment has been received – payment is in advance.

  • Payment can be made using secure online payment or over the telephone, as preferred

  • CV orders are returned in widely used Microsoft Word (compatibility mode) and PDF formats

  • Customer orders are returned by secure email – electronic versions are the preferred option

  • Executive Career Solutions aims to complete orders within a reasonable time period (quality is priority)

  • Executive Career Solutions takes NO responsibility for misleading, inaccurate or false information within CVs

  • CVs remain the ‘Intellectual Property’ of Executive Career Solutions until full payment has been received

  • From time-to-time extended customer lead times may apply i.e. during periods of higher demand

  • Customers must notify Executive Career Solutions of any errors/omissions during the CV finalisation process

  • Executive Career Solutions uses PayPal – online payments are fully subject to PayPal Terms & Conditions.

  • Priority CV Services have specific clauses in addition to terms & conditions outlined on this page.

General Terms & Conditions

  • Executive Career Solutions can refuse business for whatever reason and without providing an explanation

  • Executive Career Solutions can publish customer feedback about its services (personal details will be removed).

  • Executive Career Solutions accepts NO liability (financial, consequential or otherwise) regardless of issue

  • Executive Career Solutions is not liable for any third party IT faults, viruses or loss of information stored

  • Executive Career Solutions takes every reasonable precaution to secure its server and online payment options

  • Executive Career Solutions is not responsible for customer job hunting strategies or external job market factors.

  • Complaints are dealt with on a case by case basis – we engage with customers to resolve issues

  • Total liability is limited to the initial cost of the CV paid – any reimbursement is at our discretion

  • Refunds may attract a charge of 10 GBP to cover any administration or transaction costs incurred.

  • Details on privacy and secure online payment using PayPal are found on our main Privacy page.

  • CV Services, terms & conditions and website details can be amended at anytime without notice

  • Our satisfaction guarantee ensures customers are completely satisfied. It is not a 100% refund guarantee.


At Executive Career Solutions, we try to be as flexible as possible to meet customer deadlines for vacancies – we will set realistic expectations about what is achievable within timescales. For this to be successful, commitment from both sides must be there to achieve tight deadlines and Executive Career Solutions reserves the right to charge extra for a Priority CV Service. This service is operated at the discretion of Executive Career Solutions depending on order schedules (call to enquire).

Priority CV Service: Additional Terms & Conditions

  • Executive Career Solutions reserves the right to charge extra for what is considered a Premium Service.

  • Priority CV Services are subject to availability and aligned to realistic customer deadlines.

  • Priority CV Services must be agreed in advance to set expectations and confirm arrangements.

  • Priority CV Services include a one hour telephone consultation to gather required information.

  • Priority CV Services take 2-3 working days to complete (these are realistic expectations).

  • Priority CV Services require customers to be reasonably available for emails/telephone.

  • Priority CV Services are offered totally at the discretion of Executive Career Solutions.

Career Management Services – Subject to Availability

  • Career Management Services are subject to availability (may NOT be offered at peak times)

  • Career Management Services MUST be ordered WITH CV Services for a better understanding

  • Customers who have ORDERED a FULL CV Service in last 12 MONTHS are also eligible

  • Discussions are open, honest and direct to get best results (we can agree an agenda in advance)

  • Check availability or services if unsure; Charges are calculated by the hour (2 hour limit initially)

  • Customer MUST consider weaknesses / discussion points to be addressed (See scenarios below)

  • For now, Value Added Career Management Services are mainly restricted to UK customers only

Executive Career Solutions Website Disclaimer

At Executive Career Solutions, we aim to ensure the accuracy, integrity and overall reliability of all information contained within this website, though we are not responsible for any inaccuracies, errors or omissions in any circumstances whatsoever. The availability of services, product descriptions and prices may change from time to time, so it is up to the customer to check this information before placing an order.

Any details, topics and discussion points contained on Executive Career Solutions are purely for informational purposes and are the opinions expressed by authors writing content on the website. Any opinions or information on the site is designed not to cause any offence or concern, so please advise if anything needs to be changed or updated in respect of this. Timely updates may not always be possible, so we will try our best to accommodate any requests, though this cannot be guaranteed in every circumstance.

Executive Career Solutions is not responsible for any actions of individuals resulting from visiting the website because Executive Career Solutions does not actively recommend options. Any decisions or actions are the sole responsibility of individuals who we expect would have made fully informed decisions by evaluating ALL possible options and where necessary seeking further opinions or advice.

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