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United Nations CV / International NGOs / Third Sector Organisations

We offer dedicated United Nations CV (UN CV) and career management services (value added career solutions) to help executive leaders, subject matter experts, programme leaders and specialist consultants to achieve next career moves. These services also translate to international development programmes, international NGOs, policy development frameworks and CEO / Executives of third sector organisations whether in the UK or abroad. Whilst mainly focusing on senior-level roles, international consultants and subject matter experts, we also deal with people looking to progress careers into senior roles. These tend to be more complex scenarios requiring added attention to detail and precise technical requirements to develop a strong ‘value proposition’ when applying for such roles. How can we help

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Main Scenarios: United Nations CV (Chief Officers and leadership teams); United Nations (Functional Heads, Programme Leadership); International NGOs (Senior Leadership; Programme Leadership); CEOs / Executive Directors (UK Third Sector Organisations); Managing Directors, Programme Leaders (UK Third Sector Organisations); International Development Programmes (NGO Programme Leaders); International Consultants Specialist Roles (Subject Matter Experts), UN Liaison; National / Regional Policy Development; International Policy Development; Board Committee Members (UK Third Sector Organisations, Social Enterprises); Subject matter experts looking for career progression (relevant competencies); International development programmes (NGO professionals, expert consultants)

United Nations (UN CV)

United Nations CV / International NGOs: There may be a need for extra consultation with a more in-depth discussion on key topics (UN CV competencies) to understand complexities and inter-dependencies for such roles that require multiple stakeholder management, policy development, governance frameworks, international strategy and programme leadership on the ground (project teams, capacity building, programme evaluation, performance monitoring, operational capabilities, emergency response, etc).

NGO Consultants / Professionals

NGO Consultants / Professionals: Whilst we tend to deal with senior-level candidates, we often deal with subject matter experts, specialist consultants and professionals looking for career progression. This depends on availability, particularly at peak times. The main thing we consider is subject matter expertise, strong technical credentials and relevant qualifications for future career success. What we look out for is overall potential for progression into senior-level roles in the long-term.

UK Third Sector Organisations

UK Third Sector Organisations: For instance, this requires a multi-stakeholder approach, policy development, programme leadership and high-level influencing (advocacy) at local, regional and national levels (i.e. Members of Parliament, Government Ministers). Many of the principles are the same, but the most important this is to understand different scenarios and provide decision-making context in a complex operating environment covering many inter-dependencies and relationships.

NGO Programme Leadership

We have dealt with scenarios covering chief officers, top executives and senior-level roles within United Nations Organisations, International NGOs and UK Third Sector Organisations. These include diverse programmes covering UN emergency response, disaster planning, international development strategy, international collaboration (UN / NGO programmes), programme leadership and human rights. This may overlap with several disciplines (programmes) such as education, welfare, poverty, social deprivation, nutrition, food security, disaster management, global warming impacts, community outreach, women (gender issues), deprivation, social impact research, young people engagement, employability, social integration, social entrepreneurship and so on.

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