Successful job hunting strategies often make the difference. Effective planning, targeting specific employers, LinkedIn networking, business contacts and building relationships with headunting firms are all key elements. Treating executive job searches as a sales / marketing campaign often delivers a quicker and effective results. Most people waste time, money and energy by not putting an effective plan in place. Therefore, across the website we are building a portfolio of useful job hunting resources, articles and guidance supporting executives in their job searches. For instance, we have written articles relating to executive search and selection, understanding job selection criteria, tips for developing effective job hunting strategies and useful things like salary negotiation advice. We will be periodically adding articles.

Executive Career Solutions offers value added services designed to support executives with the purpose of planning and executing their next career move. We can provide a framework giving a balanced job hunting approach using various strategies and techniques. We can also outline a plan of action as well as provide on-going mentoring / coaching throughout the selection process, including helping executives through extended interview processes (two, three or even four stage interviews). Read executive job search articles below.

Executive Job Search Strategy : Growing Importance of Social Media

Growing Importance Social Media

A greater focus on using technology during executive job searches means the importance of social media cannot be overlooked. Most executives have an online presence of some sort. This is usually reflected through social media, corporate profiles and networking sites such as LinkedIn. Some social media platforms are more important than others for executive job […]

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Changing Executive Search and Selection Recruiter Expectations UK

There are changing expectations regarding UK executive search selection processes, especially when operating in a global executive market. Gone are the traditional laid-back approaches to executive recruitment with an over-reliance on friendly contacts and executives ‘walking into opportunities’ through the ‘Executive Grapevine’. Today, executives face tougher competition, increased expectations and more challenging recruitment processes to […]

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Successful Job Hunting Strategies for Executives UK

For successful job hunting, we advocate making simple adjustments to executive job hunting strategies and tactical approaches as it is very often those tiny tweaks that can make a big difference. Overall, executives know pretty much how to conduct a successful interview, engage with people and show resilience under pressure, though with some fine tuning […]

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Tips Executive Recuitment and Selection Procedure UK

Understanding elements of the executive recruitment and selection process can give executives an advantage when seeking opportunities. There are many executive recruiting methods to pre-select and shortlist candidates for interview. The executive recruitment process can be quite varied depending on specific job requirements and nature of executive search assignments. For instance, the executive recruitment process […]

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Tips Successful Job Search Strategies Online UK

Today, with a substantial amount of professional and executive search activities happening online, it is necessary to adopt certain strategies to apply for executive jobs online. Large corporations often have dedicated careers websites and use specialist software to scan, process and screen candidate applications. This rather removes the human element out of the executive job […]

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Best Job Hunting Strategies for Executives UK

Exec jobs are difficult to find at the best of times, though there are certain behaviours, attitudes and methods for ensuring efforts succeed overall. We consider Top Tips for Finding Exec Jobs by outlining main areas to focus on that could make a difference in the forthcoming year. Very often, simple adjustments, broadening the scope […]

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Job Hunting Skills Help : Sound Advice for 2018

Job Hunting Skills: After the inevitable slow down in employment activities before Christmas, it is time to refocus and push even harder to secure employment in 2018. A highly competitive employment market means expectations have risen, more candidates competing for same roles and there are generally fewer vacancies on offer. Time To Prepare & Plan […]

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