Successful leadership and personal branding are inherently linked. The best leaders often develop a personal brand by refining behaviours, working on presentation, establishing an effective management style, empowering others and possessing excellent people engagement skills.

Emotional intelligence is also part of the DNA of successful leaders in terms of how they interact, communicate and engage people. Leadership development is all about self-awareness, putting in place improvement strategies and refining (or redefining) approaches. We are currently developing a resource covering leadership success factors, core competencies, skills development, nurturing leadership qualities and deploying emotional intelligence to achieve personal objectives / career aspirations. Meanwhile, we place strong emphasis on personal branding.

Articles include developing a personal brand, self-marketing strategies, brand image (perceptions) and key success factors for establishing a strong personal brand. Confidence building, gaining feedback and working on strengths / weaknesses are key elements. There are also different dimensions in terms of transforming negative perceptions into a strong positive brand, reputation building (key relationships), benefiting from digital engagement to leverage online presence (especially important in thought leadership roles) and developing extended networks through proactive engagement.

Executive Career Solutions offers a range of executive mentoring solutions with value added self-awareness, self-improvement and leadership skills development services. These combine elements of personal branding, nurturing emotional intelligence and strategies to strengthen / refine approaches. Helping executives fulfil leadership potential. Read our leadership development and personal branding articles.

Tips Applying for Non Executive Director Jobs

There is an increasing trend for non-executive director (NED) positions as companies and large organisations seek to appoint talented people to executive boards with specific industry knowledge or skills expertise without having to pay a substantial remuneration package for a conventional ‘internal’ CEO or executive board position. This allows greater flexibility and for companies to […]

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12 Essential Executive Leadership Qualities, Skills and Competencies

Executive leadership is constantly changing and expectations are always increasing, especially in a global operating environment. So, what is that makes certain people stand out as an executive leader? Dealing with executives on a daily basis gives us some important insights by identifying key attributes likely to increase chances of succeeding at the very highest […]

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Personal Branding and Personal Self-Marketing Strategy Tips

Part 5: This article follows on from our series on personal branding by considering other self-marketing strategies that could influence personal brand image and awareness. These are often referred to as emotional intelligence factors by learning from the behaviours of others and developing core strategies in terms of engaging and interacting with people in general […]

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Personal Branding and Making a Great First Impression Executives

Part 4: First impressions are critical for creating a positive personal brand image, especially as people tend to form initial opinions based on societal norms, behaviours, bias and external influences. Therefore, it is a matter of modifying behaviours to be very deliberate in actions when interacting and communicating with people. Body language, personality and appearance […]

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Developing a Personal Brand at Work : How to Brand Yourself at Work

Part 3: Strategies for improving personal brand awareness at work essentially revolve around creating opportunities for increasing personal brand awareness and raising profile within an organisation. This includes identifying achievements, generating new ideas (showing creative skills), being more self-assured, managing relationships with line managers (or senior executives), demonstrating specialist knowledge (expertise) and developing wider business […]

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Useful Tips Developing a Personal Branding Strategy for Executives

Part 2 of our series on personal branding for executives involves developing a personal branding strategy. Having discussed ideas for self-assessment, understanding how people perceive ‘you’ and gaining direct feedback from line management (or executives), we looking at developing personal branding strategy. This involves setting objectives, prioritising career development goals and overcoming barriers to success. […]

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Why is Personal Branding Important : Benefits of Personal Branding

Part 1: Creating personal brand for executives and improving ‘personal brand awareness’  become key elements for ensuring overall career success. Personal banding also performs an essential self-marketing technique for progressing further up the career ladder, improving at image work, professionalism, capabilities for performing in roles and reinforcing positive impressions about individuals. This is part of a […]

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