Effective networking skills, online presence (LinkedIn), industry contacts and key influencer networks are important. These are based around proactive strategies for engaging relevant contacts and building networks. Reputation building, online presence and industry expertise all help nurture credibility for engaging with targeting audiences. Successful networking forms the basis of future relationships, so it is critical to go about this the right way, present a consistent personal brand and ensure target audiences are engaged with the right message.

Top 10 Executive Career Networking and Business Networking Skills

Executive Networking Skills

Executive networking skills are used on an almost daily basis, but how can executive leaders get the most from building networks, nurturing relationships and providing the basis for conducting business with a person or company. We consider essential networking skills for executives and leaders to create a framework for successful networking. This may vary according […]

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Benefits of Effective Networking on LinkedIn for Executives

There are some clear benefits of using LinkedIn. With over 220 million subscribers, LinkedIn is clearly the world’s more prominent networking tool with many different features, add-ons and enhancements. We find that many executives simply register and then forget about LinkedIn rather than using it as a proactive tool for building contacts networks over time. […]

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Four Main Advantages of Using Social Media for Business

While social media has carved itself a niche in the business world, the best recipe for professionals to cook is Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and up-and-coming social sites that’s still in the works. Savvy sales people use LinkedIn as an enhanced Rolodex. Reporters take to Twitter for scoops and exclusive interviews. Professional use of social media […]

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