Writing Finance Director Resume Example UK (Narrative)

Executive Career Solutions receives many enquiries from Finance Directors and related roles, so we decided to include ideas on how to write an effective Finance Director Resume by focusing on core competencies and key areas to be included. Emphasis on each area will vary according to individual circumstances, though we hope to provide a useful guide and Finance Director Resume Example by focusing on some key things expected in a Financial Leadership CV.

Finance Director Resume Example UK

  • Financial Strategy Development
  • Showing Clear Financial Leadership
  • Owning the Financial Performance
  • Effective Financial Risk Management
  • Implementing Robust Financial Frameworks
  • Proven commercial (financial) acumen
  • Financial Best Practice and Compliance
  • Wider Stakeholder Engagement

Finance Director Skills / Competencies

Financial Strategy Development

The ability to define financial strategy for multi-million pound organisations is an important element within a Finance Director Resume. This needs to feature prominently because it demonstrates top-level decision-making, the ability to set strategic priorities and give clear strategic direction on all aspects of finance. There must be strong financial awareness across all areas of the business, the ability to clearly define a financial business model and provide full financial justification for strategic decisions.

Showing Clear Financial Leadership

This involves leading the financial agenda of organisations by defining the overall financial business model and putting in robust financial frameworks to deliver the necessary controls, financing and capital investments to meet overall strategic and organisational objectives. As we shall see, financial leadership incorporates many dimensions and overlaps with many other aspects of the Financial Director Resume.

Owning the Financial Performance of organisations

The Financial Director Resume must include elements of managing financial performance to meet targets, organisational objectives and stakeholder interests, namely fellow employees, shareholders/investors and banking institutions for example. At the top-level, this shows whether performance expectations have been met, the ability to steer organisations through troubled-times (i.e. global recession) and influencing the whole future financial direction of organisations. Financial performance and outlook will therefore dictate future direction by considering strategic alternatives like focusing on progressive growth; aggressive expansion; retrenchment/cost-cutting; refinancing/stability measures.

Effective Financial Risk Management

Forming the basis of financial decision-making at the top-level is the ability to identify, evaluate and manage risk exposure to different business, market/competition and financial risk factors. Different sectors have different risk profiles and risk management strategies, so the Finance Director CV should be able to reflect the ability to manage financial risk across all business operations.

Implementing Robust Financial Frameworks

Any financial director worth their money will create the necessary financial frameworks to implement financial business strategy, improve organisational capabilities and deliver on financial performance targets/KPIs/metrics. Frameworks involve creating the required decision-support infrastructure using effective analysis, forecasting and reporting to take informed financial decisions. This also includes putting in place effective financial controls, budget management and process improvement measures to ensure fit for purpose financial operations.

Proven commercial (financial) acumen

An established track record in finance enables effective financial decision-making by experiencing different commercial, competitive and business scenarios over the years, supported by continued professional development (CPD). The Finance Director resume must showcase where senior financial executives have presented justifiable financial business cases and taken decisions on wider business initiatives, long-term financing and capital investments that contribute to the overall financial success of organisations.

Financial Best Practice and Compliance

The financial director Resume must demonstrate an understanding of the wider financial landscape by delivering fully compliant financial operations, metrics and reporting. This includes adhering to accounting best practice and complying with all required financial regulations, in particular year-end balance sheets, satisfying external audits and producing annual reports.

Wider Stakeholder Engagement

The Finance Director Resume must clearly show evidence of executive boardroom relationships to influence key decision-makers at the highest levels within organisations. This may include presenting business cases, making investment decisions and overlapping financial decision-making with other strategic functions like marketing, sales, operations, human resources to integrate (underpin) wider business strategy. Stakeholder engagement can involve dealing with investors (shareholders), banking institutions, employees and leading teams of finance professionals.

Finance Director Resume Sample – Conclusion

Overall, Finance Director resumes vary according to individual circumstances and we hope to have covered off the main drivers/competencies required to create an effective resume. Should executives require detailed professional help in writing executive-level resumes, then ExecutiveCV.net can manage expectations accordingly. Choose from a range of CV Services targeted for different circumstances, employment sectors and challenging situations.

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