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Gaining attention from executive headhunters can be difficult at the best of times. Executive headhunters tend to operate in the background and do not widely advertise their presence. Executive headhunters cover different industry sectors (regions) and manage executive-level assignments on behalf of global corporations, large organisations or very specialist niches to secure the services of highly talented people with exceptional leadership credentials.

Tier 1 Executive Headhunters London

There are several types of executive headhunters, sometimes referred to as Tier 1 for dealing the highest profile roles and brands. These tend to secure top-level (even global) appointments and top roles in major corporations with very large salary expectations, benefits and incentive packages. These operate at the forefront of different sectors, global brands and often manage nationally (or internationally) advertised positions. Tier 1 Executive Headhunters have established ‘networks’, top-level contacts and a strong profile with leading brands, which seek to appoint the very best talent (and get paid a premium for doing so).

Challenging Interview and Selection Processes

Executive job seekers often limit themselves by going for Tier 1 Executive Headhunters who often deal with the most high profile and widely advertised opportunities (i.e. Sunday Times Appointments), thus increasing the competition for these positions. Furthermore, recruitment, selection procedures and assessments are extremely tough, more drawn out and very intense to be sure the right person is selected. It is not surprising to learn of interview processes taking several weeks involving several assessments, telephone interviews, presentations, psychometric tests and formal executive interviews.

Competition for Top Executive Roles

As opposed to targeting for Tier 1 Executive Headhunters, consider setting more realistic expectations to increase chances of securing top jobs. In reality, there is a broad choice of headhunters or senior recruitment consultants managing a range of assignments. There are sector specific headhunters (specialising in one or a few very specific sectors with well-built networks) and more regional headhunting firms. Therefore, if there is little realistic chance of securing a nationally advertised position, then go for more specialist sectors or regional headhunting firms. Tier 1 headhunters are notoriously difficult to contact, so tailor strategies accordingly to deliver results and not disappointment.

Regional or Specialist Headhunters (Major Cities)

Going for more regionalised or specialist headhunters can reduce competition for jobs by focusing away from national appointments. Regional centres such as Manchester, Oxford, Cambridge, Bristol, Edinburgh, Leeds, Birmingham and Reading are well-established employment hubs offering a range of headhunting firms and senior recruitment consultants. These firms would have built relationships, networks and contacts at a more regional and local level, so potentially increasing the number of opportunities within a smaller geographical area than for Tier 1 Executive Headhunters.

Choosing Executive Headhunting Firms: Conclusion

The choice of executive headhunting firm to partner with is massively important. Often there are very good regional or specialist headhunting firms in established regional employment hubs (major cities), so it is worthwhile researching ideal headhunting partners and building strong relationships at a more local or regional level. Expect headhunters in major cities to have a mix of local, regional and national assignments, but with stronger networks of employers at a local or regional level than for their Tier 1 counterparts. So, thinking slightly differently or laterally can help yield positive results and without such enormous expectations from national / international vacancies.

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