Developing a Personal Brand at Work : How to Brand Yourself at Work

Part 3: Strategies for improving personal brand awareness at work essentially revolve around creating opportunities for increasing personal brand awareness and raising profile within an organisation. This includes identifying achievements, generating new ideas (showing creative skills), being more self-assured, managing relationships with line managers (or senior executives), demonstrating specialist knowledge (expertise) and developing wider business (industry) awareness.

Personal Brand Awareness at Work

Creating a Sense of Achievement

A growing track record, higher-level achievements and wider recognition will raise brand profile and awareness, so leading to wider involvement in the organisation and projects. Having achievements will also boost confidence, which is a major characteristic underpinning personal branding elements.

Generating Ideas

Getting credit for generating innovative ideas and showing creative skills can increase personal brand awareness. Coming up with ideas is an excellent differentiator and can set people apart from others with can also bring about wider recognition and opportunities for involvement in different projects.  For example, a brilliant cost saving idea, unique marketing initiative or identifying process improvements can make superiors sit up and take note, especially when feeding into annual review processes.

Demonstrating Confidence in Own Abilities

Part of raising profile and brand awareness often involves being confident and assured in own abilities when taking decisions, dealing with people and managing expectations. Often people can be too modest and do not ‘big themselves up’ enough. Talking about achievements, delivering results and demonstrating confidence when faced with all kinds of situations (i.e. especially when overcoming adversity) gives an aura of assurance when others may not be so confident. This is bound to show through when managing different situations. Also, people need to openly talk about achievements, skills and wider contributions, which is inevitable  when talking about annual salaries, performance reviews, further training courses and opportunities for future progression.

Effective Relationship Building

Building effective relationships with line management are arguably the most important in terms of immediate career prospects, so people need to show a positive attitude, conform to expectations, communicate effectively and do what is required to perform in a role. This builds trust, reliability and confidence in abilities from line management for giving  extra responsibilities and encouraging wider involvement in other areas of the business. This is required for extending own personal brand awareness within the management ranks as a precursor for further development. Also, ensure line managers are aware of capabilities, skills and achievements from other functional areas or previous roles, ready to make a positive impact in the future.

Wider Business Awareness

Businesses are constantly evolving, so keeping updated on new developments or initiatives can enhance credibility and personal branding. Showing a wider interest in business activities or projects can demonstrate extra commitment towards the company, developing a successful career and creating a greater understanding on core issues. Fostering specialist knowledge or insights can assist decision-making, so improving personal effectiveness and how people are likely to be perceived by management.

Personal Brand Awareness at Work – Conclusion

There are many ways to improve personal brand awareness in the work place. It is about being consistent, showing a wider interest in the business, remaining positive, showing confidence, communicating effectively, generating ideas and building a solid relationship with line management. This process will not happen overnight, so being patient and positively reinforcing behaviours, personal qualities and attitudes will eventually persuade someone to elevate your personal brand to another level. Getting endorsement in own abilities and wider potential from line management is often the key to unlocking talent.

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