5 Ways to Improve Online Presence Using LinkedIn and Social Media

Whether you’re straight out of college or in the middle of re-inventing your 10 year career, achieving a respectable online presence is essential. Much of business is done online, and having a strong online presence is a great way to provide information to and get yourself noticed by prospective employers.

Realizing your online desires doesn’t have to be difficult. Follow these five easy steps to get a great head start online.

Create Your Own Personal Website and Online Presence

Having a personal site where you can showcase your portfolio, list your contact information and include your CV and resume is a great way to establish your online presence. A personal site is sometimes the first impression a potential employer will have of you. Make it a good impression. A way to do that is by having a visually pleasing, user-friendly site.

The Best Web Hosting providers help users easily create websites even if the user has no knowledge of programming or coding. Combined with WordPress, or perhaps a more conventional website structure, you can have a website up and running in no time.

Grab the “Likes” on Facebook

They’re gold. But I’m not talking about having your friends like your weekend photos. Be a communicator. It’s okay to link your professional self with your personal Facebook page, but if you aren’t comfortable with that, open another account. Start a professional Facebook page, and post about things that matter. Target those in your potential career field, and keep with the times. If you can show you are engaged and engaging others, potential employers will be more willing to give you a shot.

Don’t Forget About Twitter

Twitter is yet another mainstay in terms of social media and marketing. Connecting you with potential employers or business associates, Twitter can form a nice tandem with Facebook. Better yet, take advantage of the many ways to link your Facebook and Twitter pages together. Once you post on Facebook, it’ll go to Twitter — and vice-versa. You can do the same from WordPress, creating quite a domino chain.

Creating a career for yourself is about having the right talent, experience and personality to make it work. Finding a job, though, is about networking. Use social media to help you find that position.

Join LinkedIn

Social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter are interesting and relevant sites to be a part of. But don’t forget about LinkedIn. Manage your professional identity and build your professional network by posting your resume and job experience on your LinkedIn account. There you can search for potential employers and network with other job hopefuls or those already in your field. Potential employers can even reach out to you in this forum. LinkedIn Groups and industry-specific forums can help you connect with people, which is essentially what having an online presence is all about.

Joining social networks and creating a website isn’t all it takes. You must maintain your name online by actively updating your accounts and posting relevant information. By putting your name out there, combined with what you are interested in and how you contribute, you can make a large step forward in the virtual world.

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