Four Main Advantages of Using Social Media for Business

While social media has carved itself a niche in the business world, the best recipe for professionals to cook is Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and up-and-coming social sites that’s still in the works. Savvy sales people use LinkedIn as an enhanced Rolodex. Reporters take to Twitter for scoops and exclusive interviews. Professional use of social media is bound to transform in the next five years, but here’s what we know so far: those that use it have a leg up. According to a survey by MACPA.ORG, business professionals are increasingly using social media to become thought leaders and build trust (reputation).

Whether you’re looking to excel in your current position or find a new one, social media is an unparalleled tool for the modern professional. Apply these common methods to kick start your career.

Find a Job

Growing businesses are looking for employees that will help them compete in today’s marketplace, and they’re taking to social media to find them. One in six social media users found a job through an online social network, Mashable reported.

Social networking isn’t personal, and job seekers that connect with business decision makers have a lead on the competition. Connect with business officials and hiring managers on social media platforms. If you’re looking for executive jobs, name recognition from a social media site could make all the difference in a stack of resumes.

Gather Information

Social media spawned the advent of “trending” content, and professionals have adopted this continuous source of information. In a competition to gain new business, working with the latest information gives you relevancy while pursuing consumers.

Twitter is particularly helpful for gathering information. Twitter lists allow you to categorize who you follow by industry. If you’re pursuing an education client, a Twitter feed filled with schools, news sources and thought leaders will give you a snapshot of the latest education discussions.

Build a Network

We’ve all heard the old saying, “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.” In short, social media allows you to connect with more people. There’s still something to be said for shaking hands and networking face-to-face, but when in person networking isn’t possible, social media is the next best thing. Become “friends” with industry figures on Facebook or “connect” with colleagues on LinkedIn.

When it’s time to make a major career move, this network will offer opportunities and helpful insight. These online relationships can lead to recommendations, tips on new jobs and words of encouragement.

A word for the wise: social media has an emphasis on social, meaning professionals looking to build relationships, must treat it as a two-way street. Start giving career assists to others and they’ll find their way back to you.

Monitor Competition

This nature of sharing has made it easier to keep tabs on colleagues in your own network and your competition. Social networks reveal how important people around you are feeling, what they’re reading and how their businesses are changing. If nothing else, social media is a modern newspaper, where some executives and professionals that don’t participate could get left behind.

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