Four Main Advantages of Using Social Media for Business

While social media has carved itself a niche in the business world, the best recipe for professionals to cook is Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and up-and-coming social sites that's still in the works. Savvy sales people use LinkedIn as an enhanced Rolodex. Reporters take to Twitter for scoops and exclusive interviews. Professional use of social media is bound to transform in the next five years, but here's what we know so far: those that use it have a leg up. According to a survey by MACPA.ORG, business professionals are increasingly using social media to become thought leaders and build trust (reputation).


Strategies for Career Development CEO Position

The job of corporate executive has always been one of the most-scrutinized and lucrative positions with a company and has now become the most-difficult to successfully maintain. Current economic...


5 Ways to Improve Online Presence Using LinkedIn and Social Media

Whether you're straight out of college or in the middle of re-inventing your 10 year career, achieving a respectable online presence is essential. Much of business is done online, and having a strong online presence is a great way to provide information to and get yourself noticed by prospective employers.

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