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There appears to be much confusion surrounding what CV personal information to include and exclude when writing executive CVs. As Executive CV Writers, Executive Career Solutions sees many executive resumes containing detailed personal details on CV with no relevance to the resume. This article seeks to clarify what personal information should be included on a CV.

Including CV Personal Information

Essential contact information

Executive resumes should include accurate contact information like email address and telephone number. A personal address can be excluded, particularly as employers cannot discriminate on location factors or if candidates are looking outside their normal geographic area.

Mobile phone numbers are best!

Mobile telephone numbers should be included in preference to landlines as mobiles are not fixed to any location (use voicemail to pick up unanswered calls). Most executives carry a mobile phone, so no problem!

Irrelevant CV personal information

Avoid personal information that adds no real value to the executive CV. Employers do not require marital status, nationality, date of birth or marital status unless specifically asked for in an application form to monitor equal opportunities processes. Employers cannot discriminate on age, ethnicity or other factors within the candidate selection process, so why include this information in the first place?

CV Personal information and security

Consider the security of personal information. At, we see incidences where candidates include National Insurance Numbers, passport details and other specific information on executive CVs. This type of information should never be disclosed on executive CVs given incidences of identity theft. Many executives are well-known, so it is important to guard personal information securely.

Executives and Professional Memberships

There maybe incidences where specific information is expected to be included on a CV, such as membership numbers of professional bodies (i.e. General Medical Council) or Security Industry Authority (SIA) licence to name a couple. Executive CVs may include professional memberships or professional accreditation, so consider whether membership numbers are important on a CV.

Job Application forms

Application forms may require additional information by completing sections on equal opportunities to collate statistical information on thnicity, gender and wider demographics of applicants. Application forms may also form part of employee records as well as a performing a legal document by asking applicants to sign a declaration. With executives, the application process maybe less formal and so application forms maybe ignored, unless applying for medical or public sector roles for instance.

Executive CVs and International Mobility

In certain circumstances it maybe necessary to highlight nationality, work permit / visa status or the fact that candidates hold a US or UK passport (helps gain entry into certain countries). This CV personal information can be used, especially if applying for opportunities abroad.

Executive CVs – Referee Details

At, we actively exclude referee details because they add no value to the CV whatsoever. If an employer makes a formal job offer, then it is reasonably expected they will ask for references and referee details. Until this point, there is no need to disclose referee details unless specified or include references available on request within CVs because this is an obvious part of the recruitment process. It is also important not to actively disclose personal details of referees on CVs to ensure details remain secure. We have some additional general points about what personal information to include in CVs.

Executive Resumes – Including CV Personal Information

In conclusion, these are some observations have picked up over the years, though it remains an individual decision about what to include in a CV. Including personal details on CV is very subjective. Though, if people are unsure about how to approach writing resumes and CV Personal Information, Executive Career Solutions is pleased to help by offering a range of Executive CV Services and LinkedIn Profile Services according to different scenarios. Always be careful (selective) about using personal details on CV and if unsure about what CV personal information to include, ask for advice from someone you trust.

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