Importance of a well-written CV to Stand Out is Crucial

In the current job market, it’s more important than ever to have a CV that stands out from the crowd. As an executive professional, you’re applying for jobs that hundreds of other similarly-qualified and experienced men and women are set on – so, how do you distinguish your unique qualities and prove your suitability for the role, without resorting to desperate or flashy measures?

You need a CV that reflects your professional personality – one that’s assertive, organised and eloquent, and most importantly does its job by getting you an interview.

After all, it’s going to be seen by people with a detailed understanding and extensive experience in the managerial field: most large companies have a branch of recruiters that operates beyond their HR team, specifically focused on matching highly-qualified personnel with executive roles.

Attention to detail at this executive level is exhaustive, because when a business advertises an executive post they’re generally looking for an answer: a person with the years of experience and proven qualities that will solve a problem or fill a void in their company. So, it’s important you’re aware of what you can offer solely in relation to what they need, and your achievements are made to relate to what you think they’re trying to find.

Not easy for someone who’s had massive success in their field, or has spent decades perfecting a range of managerial skills in a specialised environment. How do you whittle down what you’ve done to the bare facts, while still showing the depth and breadth of your talents? How do you show that your highly-specific experience has given you a dearth of transferable skills that make you perfect for the job?

Most managerial professionals will turn to an expert to help them maximise their CV’s impact – someone who understands the formula of a high-end resume and knows how to get qualifications the attention they deserve.

Having an expert look over your CV is incredibly useful when deciding how best to present your job history, your education and your skills. The right editor will help you create a jump-off platform from which you can lead and interview and negotiate a salary. When it comes to design, they know the simpler the better; the recruiter should be appreciating that a neat, easy-to-read and stylish looking summary, not seeing your resume as a piece of art.

So if you’re applying for a high-profile role in management, it’s worth having your resume optimised by a company that’s as experienced as you are – an objective eye that knows what a recruiter expects, and how to deliver the goods effectively.

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