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We provide Business Coaching and Leadership Coaching solutions for companies looking to expand or take their business to the next level. Business effectiveness is often closely aligned to personal effectiveness of leaders (leadership effectiveness). Our role is to build capabilities by providing ongoing guidance, support and mentoring within a coaching context. With this, we observe how executives (or business owners) run their companies on a day-to-day basis as well as relating strategic, tactical and operational decision-making to the wider operational environment. We may intervene on decisions, run through different scenarios or highlight learning points to build up a decision-making knowledge base. Learning, listening to different perspectives, understanding ‘decision-making context’ and not being to afraid to make mistakes or challenge existing thinking all contribute to leadership effectiveness. As a result, we have developed the following propositions to offer support in a number of ways, including CEO / Board Advisory roles, Strategic Business Consultancy, direct / indirect Business Coaching (Executives), direct / indirect Business Coaching (Entrepreneurs) and Leadership Skills Coaching (Leadership Development).

Business & Leadership Coaching Solutions

Bespoke Solutions
Product Description
CEO / Board Advisory Roles

Mentoring executives for validating key decisions and offering strategic perspectives within CEO / board roles. We offer informal CEO / Board Advisory Services by directly supporting executives in day-to-day roles and offering additional strategic and decision-making scrutiny when required. We can formalise CEO / Board Advisory and Non-Executive Director roles if preferred by providing ongoing continuity and support for executive boards and boardroom activities.

Strategic Business Consultancy

Supporting companies via strategy development, business lifecycles and growth plans across different sectors. We are able to manage different scenarios, provide strategic insights and offer ‘another perspective’ to help make better strategic decisions. Identifying strategic alternatives, developing ideas, managing business lifecycles (gap analysis), defining robust strategic plans (vision), differentiating approaches from the competition and outlining a strategic roadmap is where we add most value. Successful businesses are founded on the ability to plan ahead, evolve, innovate and adapt to changing requirements.

Business Coaching (Executives)

Coaching executives, developing skills and building capabilities using different tools and approaches to improve day-to-day effectiveness and decision-making acumen. This may involve scenario generation, intervening in the day-to-day running of businesses (leading by example) and giving confidence to take strategic, tactical and operational decisions. Providing decision-making context, strategic insights and relating this to a tactical / operational environment is where we add value. Improving knowledge base, tactical / operational management skills and looking to develop capabilities by unlocking leadership potential provides the basis for future success.

Business Coaching (Entrepreneurs)

Coaching entrepreneurs to drive forward companies and manage the business lifecycle. Entrepreneurs often require a different approach to business coaching as very often they are starting from scratch or do not have the same level of business / commercial acumen as established executives. Entrepreneurs often have a bright idea, spotted a gap in the market, have an innovative product or an ultimate vision, so require someone who can provide guidance to leverage technical skills within a business or commercial context. We aim to guide entrepreneurs through business planning lifecycles from start-up through to capability development, business transition and growth phases. Much work is done in developing value added propositions, go-to-market strategies and maximising technical credentials within a competitive market place. We also focus on building leadership, strategic planning and operational management capabilities for running a successful company.

Leadership Skills Coaching

Improving leadership skills effectiveness and developing better ’emotional intelligence’. This may be generic in terms of directly helping individual executives through direct mentoring or alternatively as part of a wider consultancy / business coaching solution. Being able to confidently scrutinise, make decisions and follow-up on key actions is all part of building leadership capabilities. There may be a specific ‘skills gap’ or need to improve leadership effectiveness in a particular area to make effective strategic decisions, whilst also evaluating decisions in a global, tactical or operational environment (wider decision-making context). Leadership skills development is often indelibly linked with ’emotional intelligence’ where we evaluate how executives interact with their peers (peer to peer leadership) and thereby reinforcing positive behaviours. This overlaps with personal branding awareness by reinforcing positive behaviours but also identifying how best to develop a personal brand from the outset and changing how others perceive you. A strong personal brand, positive perception and good reputation underpins leadership credentials and makes executives stand out from the crowd.

CEO, Executive & Director Career Options

Choose from a range of Executive Career Management Solutions + Add-Ons

Exec Career Plans

Executive career solutions, setting SMART objectives and ongoing career planning guidance.

Executive Career Plans

Executive Interviews

CEO / Executive interview strategies, performance and core skills (improving techniques).

Executive Interview Skills

Executive Mentoring

Executive mentoring solutions, worthwhile career guidance and ongoing mentoring support.

Executive Mentoring

Exec Job Hunting

Executive job hunting skills, resources, advice and executive headhunter strategies.

Executive Job Hunting

LinkedIn Presence

Online personal brand using LinkedIn (building LinkedIn / key contacts networks).

LinkedIn Presence

Online Resources

Interactive Tools and Online Resources. Advice from 100+ experts (DVD, iPAD, Online).

Online Resources

Bespoke Solutions

Managing bespoke requirements or dealing with very specific career issues (please enquire).

Bespoke Solutions

Business Coaching

Business Coaching, Leadership Coaching and Leadership Skills Development Insights.

Business Coaching
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