Executive Career Management Solutions + Optional Add-Ons

Executive Career Solutions has developed a range of Executive Career Management Solutions as optional add-ons to CEO, Chief Officer, Board Executive, Managing Director and Company Director CV / Resume writing services. The CV provides a baseline for identifying executive career solutions, future requirements and value added services, so only existing CV customers or those ordering a FULL CV Service are eligible for our executive career solutions to achieve best results. We have logically grouped together similar career management options to meet very specific needs or to integrate within a wider career management strategy. It is those simple adjustments and fine tuning that can have a significant impact on overall career success.

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Executive Career Planning Help

Executive career solutions, setting SMART objectives and ongoing career planning guidance.

Executive Career Planning

Career Planning Solutions
Product Description
Executive Career PlanningSolutions to help CEOs, executives and directors plan and execute next career moves
In-Depth Career DiscussionIn-depth discussion dealing with different career aspects to evaluate the ‘bigger’ picture
Career Change ManagementGuiding executives through a career change scenario to create a strong ‘value proposition’
Career Guidance (Specific Issues)Guiding executives through career phases (or lifecycle) to help maximise future potential

CEO / Executive Interviews

CEO / Executive interview strategies, performance and core skills (improving techniques).

Executive Interview Skills

Executive Interviews
Product Description
Executive Interview PreparationInterview preparation advice to help make the most of a hard-earned career opportunity
Executive Interview PerformanceOptimising interview performance to make an impression / improve chances of success
CEO / Exec Interview StrategiesDefining strategies / tactical approaches to get CEOs / executives through interview stages
Interview PresentationsBrainstorming ideas, writing presentations and configuring documents on a specific topic

Executive Job Hunting Skills

Executive job hunting skills, resources, advice and executive headhunter strategies.

Executive Job Hunting Skills

Search Executive Jobs UK
Product Description
Job Hunting Skills (Strategies)Doing things differently from other job seekers (i.e. targeting the ‘hidden’ job market)
Headhunter Engagement PlansSelecting the right executive headhunter partner (strategies to maximise opportunities)
Interim Executive SolutionsConsidering interim executive management jobs as a viable alternative to permanent roles
Online / Interactive ToolsVarious iPAD, DVD and online tools covering different topics and advice from 100+ experts

Executive Mentoring Solutions (Guidance)

Executive mentoring solutions, worthwhile career guidance and ongoing mentoring support.

Executive Mentoring Solutions

Executive Mentoring Skills
Product Description
CEO / Executive MentoringMentoring executives over time to help constructively manage future career expectations
Executive Personal BrandingDealing with personal banding issues to improve effectiveness / positioning for top roles
CEO / Board Transition (New Role)Supporting CEO / executive transition into new roles (i.e. first 90 days; longer if required)
Telephone MentoringMore in-depth discussions / insights regarding a specific issue to solve a specific problem
Bespoke Career RequirementsDealing with problems undermining career success or inhibitors for executive-level roles

LinkedIn Networking (Online Personal Brand)

Online personal brand using LinkedIn (building LinkedIn / key contacts networks).

LinkedIn Networking Presence

LinkedIn Networking (Online Personal Brand)

LinkedIn / Online Presence
Product Description
LinkedIn Profile SolutionsLeveraging opportunities via LinkedIn networking, business contacts and key influencers
Online Presence (Personal Brand)Creating an online presence and personal brand strategy using LinkedIn and other media
Corporate Team Profiles (Web)Working with website development teams and top executives to define corporate profiles
Online Professional BiographiesReinforcing online presence with a professionally-written biography to showcase expertise

Bespoke Solutions (Business Coaching, Leadership, Consultancy)

Business / Leadership Coaching, Leadership Coaching and Leadership Skills Development Insights.

Business Coaching Solutions Brand Development Strategy

Executive Coaching / Consultancy
Product Description
CEO / Board Advisory RolesMentoring executives for validating key decisions and offering strategic perspectives
Strategic Business ConsultancySupporting companies via strategy development, business lifecycles and growth plans
Business Coaching (Executives)Coaching executives, developing skills and building capabilities using different tools
Business Coach (Entrepreneurs)Coaching entrepreneurs to drive forward companies and manage the business lifecycle
Brand Development StrategyDeveloping brand ‘value proposition’ with key elements, core values and target markets
Brand Development (Online)Developing a differentiated ‘online brand proposition’ to stand out from competition
Content Development (Website)Building a content creation strategy by developing worthwhile and informative content
Proposition Development (Web)Clearly defining products, services and propositions aligned to customer expectations
Leadership Skills CoachingImproving leadership skills effectiveness and developing better ’emotional intelligence’

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Executive Career Management Reviews

Executive Career Management
Average rating:  
 1 reviews
by Sylvan on Executive Career Management
I am also able to see my career path from a clearer perspective
Package: Integrated Executive Career Management Solution
Domain / Sector: IT / Technology
Location: London

First let me tell you that I am really impressed. And I need to share with you that a friend and HR Director for a multinational company also saw your preview and was tempted to ask immediately to have a CV prepared by you! The work you have done up to now is really excellent and I am also able to see my career path from a clearer perspective. So please consider the CV and the presentation letters accepted and pls let me know how we should proceed with LinkedIn. I also went through the other comments and advices you gave; very well written and structured, I shall use some of the strategies you suggested. Many thanks and again congratulations for this excellent job. Best regards, Sylvan