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Brand Development Strategy (UK)

Our Brand Development Strategy (UK) is one of our main consultancy services. Companies will only gain traction, transition to growth and long-term business development if there is an effective brand development strategy in place. We aim to build marketing capabilities by adopting an integrated approach by defining core brand values, positioning strategies, reputation building, online presence and campaign development. Therefore, we have developed propositions directly tailored to company requirements, notably Brand Development Strategy, Online Brand Development, Content Development (Website) and creating Online Brand Propositions. We work collaboratively with businesses through brainstorming ideas, finding innovative approaches and using creative campaigns to stand out from the competition. We also make sure the basics are in place to give companies the required ‘marketing infrastructure and collateral’ to build marketing, branding and social media capabilities.

Brand Development Strategies (UK)

Brand Development Strategy (Consultancy)

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Brand Development Strategy

Developing brand ‘value proposition’ with key elements, core values and target markets is often overlooked by companies. Successful companies are built on successful brands, so having a clearly defined brand proposition (or brand development plan) can help differentiate businesses in a crowded market place. A consistent approach, innovative methods and using the ‘extended marketing mix’ helps deliver ‘brand equity’ overtime. It is about creating a brand presence, reinforcing propositions and leveraging brand components through innovation, reputation building, campaign development and targeted messages to reach intended audiences. There are often cost-effective / smarter ways of leveraging brand potential and developing a clearly differentiated brand positioning overtime. As a brand development consultant, we are in a position to help deliver a differentiated brand strategy.

Online Brand Development

These days, any successful brand requires an effective online presence. There is an expectation for companies to have a well-positioned and clearly targeted online proposition. This is then reinforced through social media, online reputation building and unique selling points to attract website visitors. It is also important to reflect online propositions in line with other marketing channels through PR / media, advertising, physical presence, customer service and the ‘extended marketing mix’. It is crucial to apply a consistent (integrated) approach, whilst demonstrating clear brand values and innovative propositions likely to encourage customer interactions, lead generation and sales activities. Businesses get nowhere without an online brand presence.

Website Content Development

Building a content creation strategy by developing worthwhile and informative content. This helps differentiate website propositions from the competition within a chosen niche, whilst reinforcing online brand presence and enhancing overall company reputation. This can include devising a content strategy covering blog articles, social media and engaging with online communities. Writing insightful content, providing relevant (useful) information and demonstrating ‘thought leadership’ (subject matter expertise) within any given niche are key differentiators likely stand out from the competition. We can help identify subject matter, talking points and emerging trends to talk about in an authoritative, assertive and assured way to strengthen online positioning as part of a wider website content development plan.

Proposition Development (Online)

Clearly defining products, services and propositions aligned to customer expectations are key success factors. Customers must be able to access and relate to core product propositions in order to make informed purchase decisions. Well-defined propositions make it easier for customers to engage and choose products. Scoping out propositions is one thing, but this must be aligned to carefully designed and streamlined support processes to underpin customer interactions, payment transactions and after-sales service. It is this joined-up thinking, defining each component and putting in place robust processes that helps build a successful business. Make it simple for customers to access, engage and transact services through a well-designed customer experience is likely to reinforce company reputation and lead to subsequent purchases in the future (greater loyalty).