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Business & Leadership Coaching Solutions (UK Consultancy)

We provide Business Coaching and Leadership Coaching solutions for companies looking to expand or take their business to the next level. Business effectiveness is often closely aligned to personal effectiveness of leaders (leadership effectiveness). Our role is to build capabilities through ongoing guidance, support and mentoring within a coaching context. With this, we observe how executives (or business owners) run their companies on a daily basis aligned to strategic, tactical and operational decision-making in a wider operational environment.

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Bespoke Consultancy Solutions

We may intervene on decisions, run through different scenarios or highlight learning points to build up a decision-making knowledge base. Learning, listening to different perspectives, understanding ‘decision-making context’ and not being to afraid to make mistakes or challenge existing thinking all contribute to leadership effectiveness. As a result, we have developed the following propositions to offer support in a number of ways, including CEO / Board Advisory roles, Strategic Business Consultancy, direct / indirect Business Coaching (Executives), direct / indirect Business Coaching (Entrepreneurs) and Leadership Skills Coaching (Leadership Development).

Strategic Business Consultancy

Strategic Business Consultancy Solutions

CEO & Board Advisor Consultancy

CEO & Board Advisor Consultancy

Start-Up & Entrepreneurship

Start-Up Consultancy & Entrepreneurship

Business & Leadership Coaching Solutions

Bespoke Solutions
Product Description
CEO / Board Advisory Roles

Mentoring executives for validating key decisions and offering strategic perspectives within CEO / board roles. We offer informal CEO / Board Advisory Services by directly supporting executives in day-to-day roles and offering additional strategic and decision-making scrutiny when required. We can formalise CEO / Board Advisory and Non-Executive Director roles if preferred by providing ongoing continuity and support for executive boards and boardroom activities.

Strategic Business Consultancy

Supporting companies via strategy development, business lifecycles and growth plans across different sectors. We are able to manage different scenarios, provide strategic insights and offer ‘another perspective’ to help make better strategic decisions. Identifying strategic alternatives, developing ideas, managing business lifecycles (gap analysis), defining robust strategic plans (vision), differentiating approaches from the competition and outlining a strategic roadmap is where we add most value. Successful businesses are founded on the ability to plan ahead, evolve, innovate and adapt to changing requirements.

Business Coaching (Executives)

Coaching executives, developing skills and building capabilities using different tools and approaches to improve day-to-day effectiveness and decision-making acumen. This may involve scenario generation, intervening in the day-to-day running of businesses (leading by example) and giving confidence to take strategic, tactical and operational decisions. Providing decision-making context, strategic insights and relating this to a tactical / operational environment is where we add value. Improving knowledge base, tactical / operational management skills and looking to develop capabilities by unlocking leadership potential provides the basis for future success.

Business Coaching (Entrepreneurs)

Coaching entrepreneurs to drive forward companies and manage the business lifecycle. Entrepreneurs often require a different approach to business coaching as very often they are starting from scratch or do not have the same level of business / commercial acumen as established executives. Entrepreneurs often have a bright idea, spotted a gap in the market, have an innovative product or an ultimate vision, so require someone who can provide guidance to leverage technical skills within a business or commercial context.

We aim to guide entrepreneurs through business planning lifecycles from start-up through to capability development, business transition and growth phases. Much work is done in developing value added propositions, go-to-market strategies and maximising technical credentials within a competitive market place. We also focus on building leadership, strategic planning and operational management capabilities for running a successful company.

Leadership Skills Coaching

Improving leadership skills effectiveness and developing better ’emotional intelligence’. This may be generic in terms of directly helping individual executives through direct mentoring or alternatively as part of a wider consultancy / business coaching solution. Being able to confidently scrutinise, make decisions and follow-up on key actions is all part of building leadership capabilities. There may be a specific ‘skills gap’ or need to improve leadership effectiveness in a particular area to make effective strategic decisions, whilst also evaluating decisions in a global, tactical or operational environment (wider decision-making context).

Leadership skills development is often indelibly linked with ’emotional intelligence’ where we evaluate how executives interact with their peers (peer to peer leadership) and thereby reinforcing positive behaviours. This overlaps with personal branding awareness by reinforcing positive behaviours but also identifying how best to develop a personal brand from the outset and changing how others perceive you. A strong personal brand, positive perception and good reputation underpins leadership credentials and makes executives stand out from the crowd.

Effective Business Coaching Skills

We have helped a growing portfolio of clients by evolving businesses, influencing strategy and strengthening capabilities within an effective business lifecycle planning framework. Our philosophy is largely based on ‘quick wins’ and applying Pareto 80/20 thinking, where 80% of results stem from 20% of key actions. With this we aim to identify those key actions, strategy roadmap and vision for achieving objectives, whether a large company or small (growing) enterprise.

Our approach is not completely based on ‘quick wins’ because there is also emphasis on giving business owners the right tools, guidance and support to fine-tune propositions, focus on the right things and build confidence for taking decisions in the future. We find that once the right tools are in place through effective coaching, it is only a matter of time before business owners will have accumulated enough of a knowledge base to start taking decisions for themselves. Equally, we will be on hand to validate decisions, offer useful insights and provide strategic perspectives if there is a future requirement.

For larger companies, we offer a CEO / Board Advisory option where we offer direct guidance to CEOs, board executives and functional directors. For smaller enterprises, our approach may be more hands-on or purely offering a strategic planning role as small companies often fail through a lack of planning, not understanding their operating environment or having poorly defined propositions. Therefore, we adopt a business lifecycle approach to planning by creating a clear framework for identifying where they are (current position relative to competitors), developing capabilities, setting priorities, transitioning to growth and gaining traction in target markets.

Our experience means we can deal with many different scenarios and overcome challenges along the way. Dealing with CEOs and executives on a daily basis allows us to keep our ‘ear to the ground’ with latest developments, trends and insights that can be crucial for future success. Very often the executives we got into their new board-level roles have come back to us and ask for help in starting their own businesses. This gives us a tremendous endorsement and massive credibility because such executives (subject matter experts in their own field) are trusting us to help get their own businesses off the ground. This means we are able to evolve businesses and offer guidance right from the beginning. Our mentality is entrepreneurial and we firmly believe that small businesses are larger businesses of the future. Our growing portfolio includes:

Growing Client Portfolio

  • Events Management Consultancy (Mentored as an executive – started own business)
  • Business Coaching Consultancy (directly mentoring another business coach)
  • Aviation Consultancy (Mentored as an executive – started own business)
  • Health & Beauty Salon (local contact and existing business relationship)
  • Global Pharmaceutical Company (mentoring CEO and validating strategic decisions)
  • Contract Cleaning Company (supported initial start-up strategy and winning first clients
  • City Law Firm (London) (various bespoke requirements and ongoing relationship
  • Global Risk Management Consultancy (former CIO started own business)
  • Environmental Planning Consultancy (former company director starting own business)
  • CEO / Board Advisory roles (mentoring several CEOs and executives in current roles)
  • Pending – Business & Innovation Consultancy (currently scoping out relationship)
  • Pending – Local Architects Firm (going through a consultation stage to see if we can help)

CEO / Board Advisor Consultancy Solutions

Our CEO / Board Advisory roles have stemmed from our support in getting executives into CEO and boardroom positions. As we have already built a strong working relationship and high level of trust, we have kept these relationships going but in a board advisory context of the new employer. Becoming a CEO, boardroom executive, managing director or functional head can be very daunting and challenging, especially when entering into a new role. Our considerable expertise, MBA background and extensive business awareness, gives an opportunity to help executives with strategic, operational and tactical planning ahead of their new roles.

First 90 Days in Executive Roles

Therefore, we have helped support, guide and advise CEOs and board executives through the first 90 days in new job roles. This is where it is vitally important to make the right impression, connect with senior-level stakeholders and understand key drivers or issues affecting the business. Adjusting to a new company, different colleagues and various ways of working can add complexity, especially in top profile roles with high-level expectations and where results are expected. This is where we can help take the pressure off by helping to brainstorm ideas, validate decisions or give a valuable strategic perspective (insights) that can make a difference at the very highest level. It is the ability to rationalise the situation, fine tune decisions and make the ‘right’ call that can define the first 90 days.

CEO / Executive Relationship Building

We have experience of dealing with CEOs, board executives and directors from all kinds of business sectors. Some relationships have been established over several years, so it is not just the first 90 days were are concerned about. Our aim is to help define viable options, strategic alternatives, tactical decisions and useful ideas through brainstorming, dialogue and collaborative working. For instance, some scenarios and strategic insights include:

CEO / Executive Scenario Examples

  • First 90 Days in new CEO / Executive roles
  • Strategic review and gap analysis
  • Business / corporate strategy development and vision
  • Employee Engagement Plan (EEP) – extensive employee engagement programme
  • Turnaround strategy and priority setting – restructuring programme
  • Talent management strategy and key skills identification (expertise / skills matrix)
  • Team development framework (i.e. roles, responsibilities and accountabilities)
  • Internal communications campaign
  • Decision validation, priority setting and insights
  • Strategic perspectives – i.e. global .v. local requirements
  • Tactical approaches – operational decisions (strategic view)
  • Ideas brainstorming feeding into new strategy or visionary approach
  • Ad hoc scenarios – one-off scenarios requiring specific attention and clear decisions
  • Commercial decisions (launch strategies, go-to-market plans, capture plans)
  • Leveraging business networks (industry reputation and recognition)

Start-Up & Entrepreneurship Programme

At Executive Career Solutions, we firmly believe in giving something back and helping to maximise the potential of others. This is why we have introduced a Start-Up Consultancy and Entrepreneurship Programme. The relationship and level of involvement can vary according to the requirements of each individual business and how much the company owner needs guidance or simply to validate decisions. Some elements are chargeable on a daily rate or as a bespoke charge, whilst some ‘quick wins’ / ‘quick support’ can be free of charge. However, we like to validate potential clients so we rely on an existing relationship as our clients must be ‘known quantities’ to us. We do not offer these services unless we know the person behind the business first and there is a previous relationship.

Essentially, the programme involves 3 elements. Firstly, supporting new start-ups and enterprises by giving them a framework to get established, gain traction and then grow by evaluating opportunities to further develop the company. Secondly, there is the need to guide and mentor entrepreneurs with ongoing support, critical insights and valuable advice to help validate decisions. Thirdly, we recognise high potential individuals by supporting young entrepreneurs or people with that added spark, drive and determination to achieve what they want. They may not want to own or run their own business, but it is important to spot and nurture that entrepreneurial mindset.

Start-Ups / Entrepreneurship

As a Start-Up Business Consultant, we have played an integral role in helping businesses get established, managing first customers and then transitioning companies into the critical growth phase. Our role has been more hands-on for certain companies, whereas we are able to offer that crucial decision-making support to help validate business strategy, take decisions or identify gaps / opportunities. Overlapping with our business coaching and mentoring, we have supported businesses across several sectors.

Young Entrepreneurs Talent Programme

We proactively look for high potential (talented) individuals to support young entrepreneurs or those with a very strong entrepreneurial mindset to help maximise opportunities for personal growth and professional development. We approach such individuals (by invitation only) because we have spotted that certain ‘x-factor’, exceptional people skills or persona that stands out from other people. We firmly believe such people are leaders of the future, so we provide ongoing support throughout their careers whether they decide to start a business or are looking for accelerated progression in their careers.

Having worked with several talented young entrepreneurs and high potential individuals, we can see some real results. This may be getting these individuals to think differently about themselves (and how they interact with key people), changing their mentality, developing a personal brand or directly supporting candidates in achieving accelerated progression. For instance, a number of our candidates are working on their own business projects, whilst others have achieved accelerated progression in roles ahead of their peers (age group).