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Executive Career Planning Help, Guidance and Solutions

Our executive career planning solutions offer executive career planning help and guidance by providing a useful framework from which to evaluate, plan and execute next career moves. Some executives need detailed guidance, whilst others need a simple element of career visioning to place career paths into a wider CEO, executive or director-level context. Whatever the scenario, we are able to provide executive career planning help. As a result, we have specified four core propositions, including Executive Career Planning Help, More In-Depth Career Discussion, Executive Career Change Management and Executive Career Guidance (specific issues) Essentially, the most successful executives are focused and ultimately have some form of evolving plan in place. We find that a greater career focus often leads to greater career success.

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Executive Career Planning Solutions

Executive Career Planning Solutions

Career Planning Solutions
Product Description
Executive Career Planning Help

Solutions to help CEOs, executives and directors plan and execute next career moves. We may implement a proactive approach towards achieving ultimate career goals. Career visioning, identifying ideal target roles (or employers), setting ‘SMART’ objectives, breaking down key stages (strategic / tactical plans) and periodically reviewing (updating) plans can help CEOs / executives achieve ultimate goals / ambitions. Some people want to be the very best in their profession, become a well-respected key influencer, leave a legacy or merely pass-on accumulated knowledge to others (subject matter expertise).

In-Depth Career Discussion

In-depth discussion dealing with different career aspects to evaluate the ‘bigger’ picture. Understanding the wider context through career visioning and assessing realistic options helps give CEOs / executive important strategic options or alternatives with the purpose of developing a clearer ‘pathway’ (critical path) towards achieving career objectives. The more in-depth discussion will cover key elements likely to influence career success, potential weaknesses / limitations and develop realistic ideas (key actions) feeding into a wider career plan.

Career Change Management

Guiding executives through a career change scenario to create a strong ‘value proposition’. Our insights means we can support executives through career change / transition elements. Whether choosing to enter a completely different industry sector, target a related sector or simply transition into a new executive-level role (first 60-90 days) we can help. Very often it is all about understanding an existing ‘value proposition, relating it to target roles (gap analysis), developing a differentiated ‘value proposition’ for new roles and executing plans to gain traction in a new sector / industry by bringing in fresh ideas / different approaches. Executive headhunter relationships often play a critical role in placing candidates with differentiated expertise from other sectors.

Executive Career Guidance (Specific Issues)

Guiding executives through career phases (or lifecycles) to help maximise future potential. Experiencing many different scenarios, we are able to proactively support executives as boardroom careers evolve, offer valuable insights and deal with specific issues that occasionally arise. This may take the form of an ongoing executive mentoring approach with continual guidance through career lifecycles or managing one-off / ad hoc scenarios.

Main Terms / Conditions

MAIN TERMS: 1) Subject to availability; 2) May NOT be offered at peak times; 3) Must be ordered with a main CV Service (or previous CV customer) for a more detailed understanding about scenario (baseline); 4) Discussions are open and honest; 5) Charged by the hour; 6) We can agree an agenda; 7) See scenarios above; 8) Restricted to UK customers ONLY until further notice.

Executive Career Change Scenarios

  • Changing industry sectors by moving into related or completely different sectors.
  • Staying within the same company, but moving to a different function or business area.
  • Changing companies, often within the same sector (i.e. moving to a competitor or to a larger firm)
  • Going for promotion – building credentials to succeed at the very highest level (CEO / Board Member)
  • Starting or planning a new strategic initiative with a company (i.e. start-up or new market entry)
  • Seeking jobs abroad (relocation / on delegation) – looking to take advantage of international roles
  • Seeking new opportunities with large organisations or global corporations (international exposure)
  • Executives looking to build credentials for moving into Senior / Non-Executive Director (NED) roles.
  • Addressing issues to do with improving work-life balance (re-defining entire career focus and goals)

Executive Career Change Framework (Example)

  1. Establishing a structured decision-making framework and executive career change process
  2. Evaluating executive career change rationale, motivations, insights and any initial observations
  3. Using a SWOT analysis to understand limitations, strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.
  4. Gaining additional insights into career change rationale and employment opportunities using research
  5. Identifying transferable elements, key drivers, credentials and competencies for making a change
  6. Conducting a gap analysis to help set priorities, key actions and define long-term career objectives
  7. Defining SMART objectives by evaluating short, medium and long-term objectives to achieve goals
  8. Assessing strategic alternatives, career options and key pathway (main actions) for ensuring success
  9. Defining integrated plans by structuring key actions, milestones and timelines to achieve objectives
  10. Checking progress against plan, adapting strategies and remaining focused on maintaining progress.

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