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Executive Interview Coaching Services – stand out at interview!

Our executive interview coaching services are designed to cover different scenarios and support CEOs / executives through an extended interview process. Typically, this may involve 2, 3, 4 or even a 5 phase interview process. Executive Career Solutions is able to tailor interview strategies and tactical plans to meet very specific needs and bespoke requirements. Our services are broken down to cover different aspects relating to executive interviews, including Executive Interview Preparation, Executive Interview Performance, Executive Interview Strategies, Executive Interview Presentations and Executive Interview Assessment Methods. We have specified our range of services. These can be applied separately or be combined to form a comprehensive approach towards improving executive interview skills, techniques and performance. The aim is to build capabilities, awareness and skills for interview success. Very often, candidates only have one opportunity to impress!

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Executive Interview Coaching Services

CEO / Executive Interviews

Executive Interviews
Product Description
Executive Interview Preparation

Interview preparation advice to help make the most of a hard-earned career opportunity. Effective preparation is what is going to help make candidates stand out. Whether it is researching the company, anticipating executive level interview questions, preparing executive interview questions and answers, defining relevant questions to ask or refining a sales pitch it all helps to create a positive impression. Preparation is fundamental to interview success, especially with several stages, high expecations and different interview assessments. So, it is important to do the background work (and checklist) to not only make it easier at interview, but also give that added edge during the interview itself.

Executive Interview Performance

Optimising interview performance to make an impression / improve chances of success. Very often, it is those small adjustments, refining techniques and offering something unique at interview that makes executives stand out. Expect several interview stages, different assessment techniques and a tough face-to-face / panel interview. We help executives improve overall performance by understanding core strengths, key weaknesses and confidence issues potentially undermining interview success. We also run through likely interview questions, answering techniques and important skills for successful executive interviews. It is all about performing on the day rather than worrying or over-analysing the situation.

CEO / Exec Interview Strategies

Defining strategies / tactical approaches to get CEOs / executives through interview stages. Executive interviews often comprise several stages testing different competencies, experience (track record), knowledge base and subject matter expertise. Our objective is to guide executives through this process given candidates the benefit of our knowledge to come up with an effective ‘interview battle plan’ and help increase chances of success. Whilst getting the target role in question may not be guaranteed, we aim to increase chances of getting a successful outcome. Therefore, executive interview success relies several factors impacting performance ‘on-the-day’ as well as open competition, assessment techniques, effective preparation, headhunter opinions, company research, selection criteria, candidate suitability (fit) and a good slice of luck!

Interview Presentations

Brainstorming ideas, creating presentations and configuring documents on a specific topic. CEO / Executive interviews often incorporate some form of presentation or discussion on any given topic (i.e. strategic perspective, business lifecycle planning, emerging trends, solving a specific problem, visionary approach and so on). We are able to collaborate on interview presentations by sharing ideas, researching topics and even producing an outline presentation. There are also strategies for helping executives cope during presentations, testing knowledge on any given topic, improving techniques, dealing with confidence (pressure) issues and answering challenging questions from interviewers. Again, it is about developing a tactical approaches (‘battle plan’) to excel at presentations, make an impression and demonstrate confidence under pressure.

Interview Assessments

This overlaps other interview preparation elements as it is inevitable employers / headhunters will include additional assessment methods / interview tests. A 3, 4 or 5 phase interview process will include some form of presentation, psychometric profiling, numeracy test, verbal reasoning exercise or even a group exercise. We can help anticipate likely interview assessments, give practical advice (tactical responses) and navigate executives through an extended interview process.

Main Terms / Conditions

MAIN TERMS: 1) Subject to availability; 2) May NOT be offered at peak times; 3) Must be ordered with a main CV Service (or previous CV customer) for a more detailed understanding about scenario (baseline); 4) Discussions are open and honest; 5) Charged by the hour; 6) We can agree an agenda; 7) See scenarios above; 8) Restricted to UK customers ONLY until further notice.

Some Executive Interview Coaching Scenarios

  • 30-second, one-minute and two-minute sales pitches
  • Interview preparation and planning skills
  • Identifying strengths and reconciling weaknesses
  • Developing examples and evidence of suitability
  • Executive tnterview questions and answering skills
  • Different interview scenarios and assessment techniques
  • Asking effective questions (includes researching organisation)
  • Improving performance by building confidence and addressing issues
  • Executive Interview feedback and continuous improvement
  • Negotiating salary at interview and handling awkward situations
  • Second/third interviews with employer expectations and what to discuss
  • Telephone interview skills and improving presentation techniques
  • Discussing redundancy, inconsistent employment records or reasons for leaving
  • Executive Interview Coaching Services – bespoke scenarios / specific issues
Executive Interview Coaching
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