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Executive Mentoring Solutions / Telephone Mentoring Guidance

See our range of Executive Mentoring Solutions supporting CEOs / executives throughout their careers or dealing with very specific issues. Executive Career Mentoring can help construct the basis for future career requirements and executive telephone mentoring guidance solving specific career-related issues. Other add-on services include Executive Personal Branding, supporting transition into new CEO / board roles and Bespoke Career Requirements overcoming key inhibiting factors undermining long-term career success. Our aim is to support executives to improve chances of future success, where simple adjustments can often have a big impact! We have a range of executive coaching and mentoring solutions.

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Executive Career Mentoring Solutions

Executive Mentoring / Guidance

Executive Mentoring Skills
Product Description
CEO / Executive Mentoring

Mentoring executives over time to help constructively manage future career expectations. With executive career mentoring, the objective is often to achieve progression, become a subject matter expert at board-level and / or maximise overall career potential by developing capabilities, strategies and confidence for targeting top-level roles. We offer regular (monthly) or ad hoc contact to help manage different facets influencing CEO / executive careers by discussing likely scenarios, developing tactical responses to emerging issues and looking at the ‘bigger’ picture to create a relevant strategy or career plan. Circumstances are very different for each CEO / executive, so we seek to manage scenarios on a case by case basis.

Executive Mentoring / Personal Branding

Dealing with personal banding issues to improve effectiveness / positioning for top roles. CEOs / executives often have well-developed ‘personal brands’ to stand out from the crowd. This service aims to identify behaviours, actions and interactions likely to have a greater impact at executive board-level. Positively reinforcing behaviours, using emotional intelligence, maximising opportunities and engaging effectively through interactions often set executives apart from one another.

Equally, negative behaviours can undermine success at executive board-level, so we look to identify and nullify weak behaviours or alternatively look at how to deploy a personal brand to give an edge in the boardroom. Colleague perceptions, initial impressions and positive body language all play a part in strengthening an executive personal brand.

CEO / Board Transition (New Role)

Supporting CEO / executive transition into new roles (i.e. first 90 days; longer if required). The CV is a good baseline for understanding customer requirements and guiding CEOs / executives through successive interview stages. So, what happens when executives secure the opportunity and all of a sudden end up in a new role? The first few days and weeks in the boardroom can be especially challenging, plus it often sets the agenda and builds the foundation for future success with the new employer.

As we have built considerable trust with our executives, we are able to help make crucial adjustments in new roles and overcome challenges within the first 60-90 days. Our business expertise enables us to provide useful insights, objective analysis (strategic perspectives), brainstorm ideas, help solve business-critical problems and validate decisions to build confidence. Ultimately, it is the CEO / executive that has the final decision, but at least we can help provide strategic alternatives (key perspectives) from a objective and completely independent viewpoint.

Executive Telephone Mentoring

More in-depth discussions / insights regarding a specific issue to solve a specific problem. This may involve a one-off discussion or a series of consultations to help address an issue or guide executives through a particular situation. The aim is to understand the issue, key drivers and potential solutions as well as building awareness about certain situations to help plan and execute career-related decisions. We aim to build an important picture for taking informed decisions. We aim to build an important picture for taking informed decisions. Telephone mentoring involves getting an ‘informed second opinion’ regarding ‘Moment of Truth’ decisions where next steps are important for shaping future careers or board-level roles.

Bespoke Career Requirements

Dealing with problems undermining career success or inhibitors for executive-level roles to improve awareness, evaluate options and tackle issues head-on. Sometimes a bold approach may be appropriate. For others, the scenario may be too ambitious. Overall, it is about being realistic and credible about future career plans. We provide ongoing executive career mentoring guidance and support in making an informed decision.

Main Terms / Conditions

MAIN TERMS: 1) Subject to availability; 2) May NOT be offered at peak times; 3) Must be ordered with a main CV Service (or previous CV customer) for a more detailed understanding about scenario (baseline); 4) Discussions are open and honest; 5) Charged by the hour; 6) We can agree an agenda; 7) See scenarios above; 8) Restricted to UK customers ONLY until further notice.

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