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Articles relating on aspects to career development, career planning (visioning / objective setting), long-term career progression and improving overall career focus. Arguably people who focus more on self-improvement, professional development and are targeted in approach will generally progress further within organisations. Self-motivation, determination and willingness to learn are key factors alongside personal skills, communication / people engagement and emotional intelligence. It is important to identify those critical factors likely to impact overall career success, close any potential gaps and realise potential.

Career Development and Mentoring Solutions

As a company, Executive Career Solutions is well-placed to offer support, coaching and mentoring solutions for directors, executives and chief officers realise potential as the very highest level within organisations. Our services can be tailored to suit individual scenarios and dealing with executives on a daily basis gives us useful insights in to how best to manage career development. We offer affordable end-to-end MBA-qualified services to business leaders, chief officers, board executives and company directors.

Quick Strategies for Executives to Strengthen Career Focus

Successful executives are normally very focused individuals who have a track record of high achievement, assured self-belief and often a bit of luck thrown into the mix. Meanwhile, some executives may get consumed by day-to-day business and therefore lose focus towards achieving ultimate career aspirations. To be successful, executives need to think about where they […]

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10 Tips Improving Career Focus for Executives

Very often executives get immersed in the day-to-day of working life and often forget to think about themselves or work-life balance. Sometimes executives have just ‘ended-up’ in jobs without any real thought about long term direction and aspirations. Often there has been a tendency for executives to be ‘invited’ or ‘asked’ to perform certain roles. […]

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Tips Setting Objectives for Career Success – Top Executives

Following on from our article on understanding the importance of setting career objectives for executives, we highlight some useful tips on setting career objectives for success. This covers aspects relating to career progression, measuring success, defining SMART objectives, selling oneself to line management and presenting objectives within a CV. Underpinning this, is the requirement for […]

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Importance of Setting SMART Career Objectives for Executives

Importance of Setting Career SMART Objectives for Executives

Successful companies set priorities, identify targets and plan ahead to achieve objectives. Equally, individuals need to set priorities, targets (goals) and career development plans. Setting goals and objectives for employees can be used in a wider company context to manage performance, develop skills, optimise talent and oversee succession plans. Also, see our other article on […]

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Stand Out When Applying for Executive MBA

The decision to leave the workforce and go back to school for your MBA requires serious thought. Once you’ve made the decision, though, it’s time to act fast and begin thinking about the application process. The most successful applicants to MBA programs are those who carefully think about their strengths and weaknesses, craft a thoughtful […]

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Career Advancement 101: Stop Being a Fool

“I’m not here to make friends. I’m here to put in my time and move on up,” you overhear one ambitious junior staffer say to another. Really? And he wonders why no one gives him a break. Like it or not — and you’d be better off liking it — the way you relate to […]

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Executives: How to Climb Your Way to CEO

The job of corporate executive has always been one of the most-scrutinized and lucrative positions with a company and has now become the most-difficult to successfully maintain. Current economic conditions and the ever-evolving face of the business world have placed added pressure on executives to stay abreast of everything that affects the company’s bottom line, […]

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