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The difference between a candidate getting a job offer is very much down to the executive interview. Optimising interview performance is crucially important. Treating it as no more than a discussion about a job, doing effective preparation and demonstrating people engagement skills are critical elements. Supporting executives through an extended interview process (two, three or even four stage interviews), we have developed a range of resources and articles dealing with various issues. These include interview performance, preparation / research, skills / techniques, body language signals, salary negotiation strategies and anticipating interview questions.

There are also different styles of interviews, including presentations, assessments, psychometric tests, scenario-based (competency) interviews and less formal discussions about specific positions. Overcoming issues, fears and pressures are often overcome through effective preparation, company research and strong motivation for roles. There are so many dimensions to executive interviews, so wherever possible we will highlight any emerging trends, changing techniques or valuable insights to support executives.

Executive Interview Services

Executive Career Solutions offers a range of value added services, including executive interview guidance. We can help with any element of the executive interview process, including interview skills, addressing weaknesses (confidence issues), preparation / advice and helping to improve ‘on-the-day’ performance. Our experience enables us to successfully partner executives covering multi-stage interviews, evaluating job opportunities and finalising job offers.

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Top 10 CEO / Executive Interview Questions Answers

Executive Interview Questions Answers

Top 10 Executive Interview Questions Answers Executive interviews differ from employer to employer depending on precise requirements for each role. At Executive Career Solutions, we frequently get asked about likely to be asked during executive interview questions answers. We advocate executives anticipating possible interview questions to help with preparation, confidence and performance simply because there are […]

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Asking Good Second Interview Questions for the Executive Interview

Asking good second interview questions can help make an impression for executives, so we have established a list of common 2nd interview questions for candidates to use. Expectations, interview approaches and questioning styles often change between first and second interviews. With second interviews, expectations rise because it is more about testing executive leadership credentials, being […]

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Good First Interview Questions to Ask Employer – Executives

Preparing good first interview questions to ask is important for a successful executive interview. Expectations during the executive interviews are normally very high and there is always an opportunity to impress interviewers by asking good questions. First interview questions tend to be more general as opposed to asking second interview questions that may be more […]

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Behavioural Interview Techniques / Scenario Interview Questions for Executives

It seems some executives dread answering scenario interview questions. Synonymous with behavioural interviews or competency-based interviews, the reality is these techniques are here to stay. Scenario interviews are a widely practised technique, though candidates sometimes do not appreciate the methodology or rationale behind it. Therefore, it is often simple uncertainty, lack of awareness or weak […]

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Improve Chances Executive Job Hunting Success

For successful job hunting, we advocate making simple adjustments to executive job hunting strategies and tactical approaches as it is very often those tiny tweaks that can make a big difference. Overall, executives know pretty much how to conduct a successful interview, engage with people and show resilience under pressure, though with some fine tuning […]

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Executive Telephone Interviews – Skills and Preparation

Executive telephone interviews are an excellent interview process for employers as a pre-selection method for screening and shortlisting potential candidates. The idea is to speed up the overall selection process with either an extended executive telephone interview lasting 45-50 minutes or a shorter 20 minute telephone conversation. Executive headhunters often lead this process as they […]

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Quick Tips for Improving Executive Interview Skills

Executive interviews gives candidates an ideal opportunity to stand out and make an impression in front of employers. Very often, executives let themselves down at interview through a lack of preparation or just not being bold enough during the interview. At Executive Career Solutions, we have identified some key success factors for improving executive interview […]

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Top 10 Tips for Improving Performance at Executive Interviews

The executive interview should be seen as an ideal opportunity to impress prospective employers, stand out from the competition and sell top-level credentials for executive positions. So, what makes the difference between a good solid interview (being distinctly average) and raising the bar with an outstanding performance? At ExecutiveCV.net, we often get asked about how […]

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Structuring Answers for Questions Asked During Executive Interview Scenarios

The STAR approach is a commonly used approach for structuring answers at mainstream job interviews. However, whilst providing a good outline, we believe it is too much of a simplistic approach for executive interviews, especially given higher expectations and more challenging interview questions. Therefore, we have identified some additional elements to consider if using the […]

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Tips for Answering Questions at Executive Interviews – Using the STAR Method

At ExecutiveCV.net we always get asked about effective ways for answering questions at executive interviews. The most successful interviews rely on effective preparation, having a clear strategy and answering questions in an assured way. With some foresight, this should all come together ‘on-the-day’ to deliver a confident performance and make a good impression. For executive […]

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