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Articles relating to executive resume writing advice covering all aspects of writing executive resumes, CV cover letters and key skills. We aim to build a comprehensive guide to writing an executive resume. These include things like CV format, CV headings, transferable skills, key strengths CV, unique selling points, personal qualities, selling achievements in CV and personal information. By collaborating with executive headhunting firms on emerging trends, strategic approaches, best practice, eliminating common CV mistakes, profile summaries and expectations regarding writing an effective CV.

Moreover, we are able to offer useful insights because we critically evaluate and develop solutions for directors, executives and chief officers on an almost daily basis. The executive resume is an important investment, so it has to be right to make candidates stand out from the competition. Recruiters and employers alike still regard the resume as one of the most important elements in selecting candidates and initial recruitment processes. It gives an opportunity for candidates to position themselves ahead of the queue in terms of pre-selection and subsequent interview processes.

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Executive Career Solutions is able to offer end-to-end guidance on writing an executive CV. We have a range of services, add-ons (LinkedIn profile services) and career management solutions to maximise opportunities with an effective marketing document. We see executive resumes as much more than simply a CV. We think of it in terms of developing a value proposition which has other intangible benefits in terms of confidence, interview performance and placing candidates on solid foundations for beginning a successful job search.

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Tips Writing Executive CV Cover Letter UK

Tips Writing Executive CV Cover Letter

Tips Writing Executive CV Cover Letter UK The executive CV cover letter is a value added document that essentially complements the executive resume when applying for jobs. There is an expectation to have an accompanying executive CV covering letter, though it is not always needed and there are good practices to follow. Ideally, the executive […]

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Optimising Executive Resumes Using CV Headings

The most effective executive resumes have clearly defined headings and sections to guide employers and headhunters logically through the executive CV. Choosing the right CV headings also helps target resumes more effectively by customising the CV and structuring the document towards ideal roles. This article aims to categorise the different resume headings to give a […]

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Useful Tips for Structuring Executive Resumes

Careful preparation, planning and attention to detail is required for structuring executive resumes, defining resume content and presenting resumes effectively. The idea is to collate information and present credentials in a most effective way likely to make an impression with employers and executive headhunters. Overall, resumes should be carefully targeted, realistic and fit for purpose […]

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Identifying Unique Selling Points for Executive CV

Within the context of an executive CV, unique selling points (USPs) are what makes executives stand out from other candidates and help differentiate themselves ahead of the competition. These are outstanding elements that need to be conveyed effectively in a clear message to employers by giving compelling reasons or benefits for employing someone. USPs may […]

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Identifying Key Strengths (and Weaknesses) for Executive CV

Strengths are key selling points for executives they need to convey to potential employers. Identifying strengths is an important part of creating an effective marketing document (CV), so forming a critical element of the candidate selection process and helping to stand out from other candidates. It is also likely candidates will be asked about strengths […]

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Tips Highlighting Technical Skills in Executive CV

Skills are what employers are looking for as it shows capabilities for performing in any given role. Chances are a perceived lack of skills within a CV will undermine any potential shortlisting for interview. Employers needs to see clear evidence of skills, capabilities and expertise to give insights into how candidates would potentially benefit companies […]

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Tips for Identifying Top Executive Resume Skills

Choosing appropriate skills to include within an executive CV is essential as part of developing an effective resume or marketing document. The idea is to sell core skills to employers and show where a candidate can add value for a company going forward. Some skills are more highly sought after as employers will pay more […]

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Including Personal Qualities in an Executive Resume

Personal Qualities Executive Resume Whilst it is massively important to focus on other aspects of the executive resume, employers expect to see some personal qualities included within the CV. This shows more about the candidate, how they see themselves in relation to others and what they can bring to the role in question. Personal qualities […]

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List of Top 10 Skills to Include in an Executive CV

Writing an executive CV requires some thought and planning. It is also important to convey what executives are good at and what they can bring to an organisation in terms of skills. People can bring different skills to different roles depending on what employers require. Therefore, consideration must be given to the skills included in […]

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Top 10 Executive CV Writing Tips from Employers & Headhunters

See our top 10 tips for writing an executive CV from employers and headhunters. By its very nature, executive CV writing is very subjective as individual experiences, circumstances and aspirations vary enormously. For executive opportunities, conveying the right impression, selling credentials and highlighting how candidates can influence the wider organisation is massively important for senior […]

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Why an Executive CV is Crucial

In the current job market, it’s more important than ever to have a CV that stands out from the crowd. As an executive professional, you’re applying for jobs that hundreds of other similarly-qualified and experienced men and women are set on – so, how do you distinguish your unique qualities and prove your suitability for […]

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