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Best resume templates are easy to find. It is also a matter of personal preference about design, layout, format, structure and presentation. Whilst we are not giving too many secrets away, we have created resume template resources giving an idea of what to include for each role. By grouping together key elements, achievements, experience, expertise and information, it becomes easy to begin writing a resume. To help customise resumes, we highlight core competencies and ideas on what to incorporate within a resume for each role. This helps directors, executives and chief officers target roles more effectively and align content to the job description. It also provides a useful checklist, whilst focusing on things likely to ‘elevate’ and directly position candidates for target roles. We are adding other resume templates / CV examples to the website covering specific roles such as a chief executive resume, human resources director and business development director roles.

Executive Resume Services

Executive Career Solutions helps take away uncertainty regarding writing an executive resume. We offer tailored services for targeting specific roles and managing different scenarios by helping candidates stand out from the competition. For a small investment (less than 1% of annual salary), we can develop a value proposition / personal marketing document to give that all important ‘elevation’ and positioning for target roles.

See our resume templates and executive resume examples below.

Help Choosing the Best Executive CV Resume Writing Format and Templates

Carefully choosing the best executive CV writing format and template is important as this largely governs the way a CV is constructed and approach used, thereby influencing key things like layout, structure, presentation, content and logical progression. Overall, there are several CV / resume formats, each designed for different purposes. These include Chronological, Performance, Functional, […]

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Creating an Executive CV Using Different CV Writing Layouts

There are several CV writing layouts or resume formats to choose from. These are the most generally accepted and widely used for an executive CV. The most popular format is the Chronological CV, covering the most traditional way of approaching employers. There are variations on the theme, where layouts are mostly a hybrid combination of […]

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Writing Non-Executive Director CV Example

Non-Executive Director CV Example UK

Writing Non-Executive Director CV Example The aim of this article is to give some important tips for writing a non-executive director CV covering advertised and non-advertised non-executive director positions. The structure of a non-executive director CV is very different from a normal CEO, board-level or company director resume. There are very different expectations for people […]

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Human Resources Director CV Example

Human Resources Director CV Example UK

Human Resources Director Resume Example Our Human Resources Director Resume Example gives a useful overview for HR directors looking for help and additional guidance when writing a human resources director resume. HR directors often achieve much across many related disciplines, so giving many different dimensions to human resources roles. This makes it more difficult deciding […]

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Business Development Director Resume Example

Business Development Director CV Example UK

The following Business Development Director Resume Example incorporates many different elements, often with an international dimension included. It is a matter of bringing these elements together into an effective marketing document. The Business Development Director job description can be characterised with aspects of long-term sustainable growth, creating opportunities (sales pipeline), integrating alongside commercial strategy and […]

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Chief Executive Resume Template

Creating Chief Executive Resume Template can be very complicated and is not as straightforward as people think. It is arguably the most challenging CV to write because Chief Executive roles transcend pretty much every area of an organisation to a greater or lesser degree. To develop a credible Chief Executive Resume template, the CV must […]

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Finance Director CV Template

CV writing is very subjective, though there are always core elements (key drivers) that need to be conveyed when creating a Financial Director Resume Template. Please review our dedicated page on Executive CV Examples page for more details on other Executive CVs. In the meantime, we consider the main elements for constructing an effective Financial […]

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