CEO & Board Advisor Consultancy (Strategic Insights & Guidance)

Our CEO & Board Advisor Consultancy provides useful solutions for CEOs, board executives and functional heads to gain objective (independent) insights concerning specific issues, future decisions or added complexities regarding an organisation. We are able to proactively analyse, scrutinise and validate crucial decisions by understanding business context, discussing complexities and see the ‘bigger’ picture before coming up with a strategic, tactical or critical response. Having independent insights can be a useful tool for developing ideas and taking ‘strategically-robust’ decisions.

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CEO & Board Advisor Consultancy Solutions

CEO / Board Advisor Consultancy Solutions

Our CEO / Board Advisory roles have stemmed from our support in getting executives into CEO and boardroom positions. As we have already built a strong working relationship and high level of trust, we have kept these relationships going but in a board advisory context of the new employer. Becoming a CEO, boardroom executive, managing director or functional head can be very daunting and challenging, especially when entering into a new role. Our considerable expertise, MBA background and extensive business awareness, gives an opportunity to help executives with strategic, operational and tactical planning ahead of their new roles.

First 90 Days in Executive Roles

Therefore, we have helped support, guide and advise CEOs and board executives through the first 90 days in new job roles. This is where it is vitally important to make the right impression, connect with senior-level stakeholders and understand key drivers or issues affecting the business. Adjusting to a new company, different colleagues and various ways of working can add complexity, especially in top profile roles with high-level expectations and where results are expected. This is where we can help take the pressure off by helping to brainstorm ideas, validate decisions or give a valuable strategic perspective (insights) that can make a difference at the very highest level. It is the ability to rationalise the situation, fine tune decisions and make the ‘right’ call that can define the first 90 days.

CEO / Executive Relationship Building

We have experience of dealing with CEOs, board executives and directors from all kinds of business sectors. Some relationships have been established over several years, so it is not just the first 90 days were are concerned about. Our aim is to help define viable options, strategic alternatives, tactical decisions and useful ideas through brainstorming, dialogue and collaborative working. For instance, some scenarios and strategic insights include:

CEO / Executive Scenario Examples

STRATEGIC BUSINESS CONSULTANCY: Managing different scenarios – CEO Advisor (Board Executives) – supporting executives when transitioning into new CEO / board-level roles (i.e. brainstorming ideas, guidance and transition plans for first 30, 60 & 90 days). Strategic Business Consultancy – Supporting local businesses using strategic consultancy guidance (applying a direct ‘quick win’ approach); Corporate Profiles – Interviewing leadership teams to create a brand proposition for executives & working with web strategy teams on ideas; Start-Ups & Entrepreneurship – Supporting executives with business ventures and defining their own consultancy propositions; Young Entrepreneur Programme (Invitation Only) – Mentoring talented individuals to realise potential via accelerated progression.

Strategic Business Consultancy Solutions

Strategic Business Consultancy

CEO & Board Advisor Consultancy

CEO & Board Advisor Consultancy

Start-Up Consultancy & Entrepreneurship

Start-Up & Entrepreneurship

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