Executive Salary Negotiation Skills, Strategies & Advice

See our latest articles on salary negotiation skills for executives. Salary negotiation is very much a two-way process, so to get the most out of negotiations there is a requirement to research salary benchmarks, develop a clear strategy and manage the salary negotiation process to your advantage. Effective planning, being realistic and ‘knowing your market’ often makes executives more successful at job offer salary negotiation. Moreover, executives have more than likely developed advanced negotiation skills at board-level to be able to ‘stand their ground’ and give confidence during the salary negotiation process.

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Executive Salary Negotiation Skills

Better Executive Salary Negotiation Skills

It has been shown that confident negotiators who have done their research and go in with a clear strategy get more from negotiations than those who have not prepared thoroughly or are not so confident in pushing employers for slightly more or negotiating in other ways (i.e. by considering the whole remuneration package, incentives and add-ons – not just negotiation on salary expectations alone). Employers will often try to ‘bluff’ candidates into revealing bargaining position, so treat it like a ‘sales contract negotiation’ or to an extent a ‘game of poker.’ Further information on salary negotiation and useful executive salary negotiation skills articles are found below.

‘Executive salary negotiation strategies can lead to a significant uplift in salary, benefits and add-ons, especially if deployed correctly. Effective research (‘knowing your market’), setting realistic expectations (target salary), being self-assured during an extended negotiation process and having a clear plan covering different scenarios often leads to better outcomes.’ – Executive Career Solutions

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Executive Salary Negotiation Strategies for Success

Defining Best Executive Salary Negotiation Strategy

Successful executive salary negotiation strategies as planning gives executives greater control at interview to result in more fruitful outcomes. Requires some background research.

Top Executive Salary Negotiation Tips for Success

We have summarised the main tips developing an effective salary negotiation strategy. Research and planning are always crucial for successful outcomes.