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Welcome to our executive job hunting resources section covering different articles, scenarios and approaches helping executives secure next career move. It is necessary for executives to have a clearly defined, well-targeted and structured approach to executive job hunting to maximise chances of success. Many executives let themselves down because they do not focus on core job hunting activities likely to yield best results. For instance, LinkedIn can bring a different dimension to an executive job search, targeting the ‘hidden’ job market through networking (or existing contacts) and benefiting from extended recruitment networks of executive headhunters are often key elements. Fundamentally, it is best to have a balanced approach to executive job hunting using 3 or 4 main techniques, whilst avoiding a ‘scattergun’ approach which never produces effective results unless extremely lucky!

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Executive Job Hunting Skills UK

Useful Executive Job Hunting Resources

  • Developing an effective job hunting strategy
  • Career planning, objective setting and considering options
  • Job hunting resources, techniques and research skills
  • Targeting opportunities, headhunters and employers
  • Wider job hunting issues and improving results
  • Creating effective career networking strategies

‘Any executive job hunting approach requires careful thought, planning and execution by focusing on key activities likely to bring success. Overall, there are only 3, 4 or 5 main executive job hunting skills to be applied, though it is how these are deployed that is crucial. The main thing is to develop a clear ‘value proposition’, target specific job roles (or employers) and define an appropriate executive job hunting strategy. Targeted approaches yield best results, so a well-defined plan will save, time and resources as executives hope to secure a job quicker by being more effective in their job search.’ – Executive Career Solutions

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A to Z of Executive Job Hunting Skills

A to Z of Executive Job Hunting

Successful Job Search Strategies and Techniques for Executives A to Z: Achievements, Being Specific, CV, Development (Career), Examples, Feedback, Guidance, Housekeeping, Interviews, Job Market, Knowledge, Long-Term Plans, Motivations, Networking, Objective Setting, Presentation, Questions, Research, Sales Pitch, Targeting Plans, USPs, Vision, Weaknesses, X-Factor, ‘You’, ‘Zero’

Executive Job Hunting Strategies

Applying for Exec Jobs Online

Strategies Applying for Executive Jobs Online with the ever-growing use of technology, executives need to optimise CVs, online applications and online presence to be most effective.

Tips for Finding Top Executive Jobs

Tips for finding top exec jobs with main elements based on experiences of dealing with executives and understanding the wider job market – key to success is planning and preparation.

Executive Job Hunting Success

Improving Chances of Executive Job Hunting Success – often tiny tweaks can make a big difference, so we have identified areas where executives can improve and maximise chances.

Executive Search and Selection

Exec Search and Selection UK

Changing expectations of executive search and selection – executives face a changing search and selection market with different expectations, open competition and an international dimension.

Recruitment and Selection Process

Understanding the executive recruitment and selection process – there are several main factors employers and headhunters look for when pre-selecting candidates and finding the right person.

Main Job Selection Criteria

Executive job selection criteria – appreciating what employers look for and matching key requirements is important for being shortlisted for interview and making the right impression.

Online Presence: Job Hunting and Social Media

Improving Online Presence

Steps for Improving An Online Presence as many recruitment, networking and business activities are conducted online, so it is expected that executives need to create a credible online presence.

The Business of Social Media

The Business of Social Media – with the growing prominence of social media in our everyday lives, use it for finding jobs, gathering information and building networks (employer contacts).

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