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SAVE MORE with combined CV + LinkedIn deals (see below)

CV only orders – Get Bespoke Quote. Please outline your scenario and we can provide you with a bespoke quote. Bespoke solutions for CEOs, Executives, Directors, Technical Leaders, Technical Directors, Senior Managers and Management Consultants.

C-Level CV + LinkedIn Bundles : Special Offers

Save more with our C-level bundle deals. To place C-level executives on solid foundations for a successful job search, we have carefully designed combined CV + LinkedIn profile writing services to make candidates stand out (fine-tuning and differentiation is key). This not only saves money by combining CV + LinkedIn services, but enables our customers to benefit from an extended discussion. The discussion is highly beneficial as it can solve issues and even change mentality towards looking for jobs.

Chief Officer CV + LinkedIn

# £200 GBP (All inclusive)

# Now £200 = SAVE Up to £60 (normal price: £260)

CV and LinkedIn Writing Service

CV ONLY options are available (please enquire)

# C-Level CV + FREE Cover Letters (£140-£145)

# Includes Consultation up to 1.5 hours (£35)

# Includes LinkedIn Profile (if sold separately £80)

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CV Writing Specialists

ADDED C-Level CV + LinkedIn Bundle Deal

# £235 GBP (All inclusive)

# Now £235 = SAVE Up to £60 (normal price: £295)

Write CV Online

# ADDED Technical Bias or More Complex Scenarios (£35)

# C-Level CV + FREE Cover Letters (£140-£145)

# Includes Consultation 1.5 to 2 hours (£35)

# Includes LinkedIn Profile (if sold separately £80)

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Top CV Writers

C-level bundle deal

C-Level Special Bundle Deals : FREE CV Review

We aim to go through everything to validate strategy (approach), understand wider career context and breakdown information by going through CV and career history as the basis for developing your value proposition. The C-level bundle deal is therefore ideal for executives making next career moves or executives who have no idea on how to write an executive resume because there has been no need to do so throughout their career to date.

For a fraction of your annual salary, how can we help you gain a return on investment by investing in your future career. If unsure, we offer a FREE CV Review Service to outline key things we would seek to address in order to develop a clear value proposition.

C-Level CV Services (YouTube Video)

C-level CV Resume

FREE CV Review + Quotation

1) Upload CV files (link to FREE CV Review page below)

2) Headhunter Review (5 or 6 things likely to make a difference)

3) Receive Quotation, Special Offers, advice on how we can help

FREE CV Review

Bespoke Solutions / Mentoring

1) Choose from a range of bespoke solutions (we can advise)

2) Popular: Executive Mentoring, Interview Skills and so on

3) Please advise of bespoke requirements. How can we help?

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Quick Order Process

1) Select service (Buy Now)

2) Make payment / receive confirmation.

3) Send over existing CV / arrange for extended discussion.

4) Extended discussion / strategy validation.

5) Draft CV version + finalisation process.

6) LinkedIn profile and order completion.

Information (Collaborative Approach)

1) Secure Payment (Online or Transfer)

2) Secure Website and Confidential Service.

3) We guide you through an established process.

4) Collaborative Approach (Executive Insights).

5) Bespoke Requirements (Value Added Services).

6) Please contact us for more information.

Baseline / Key Foundations

The executive resume provides the basis for other services / add-ons. Most employers / headhunters require a resume as standard (clear expectations / critical requirement).

Integrated Approach

Once the resume is in place, integrate other solutions (i.e. incremental add-ons to build capabilities / increase overall chances of success). Combine different elements.

End-to-End Solutions

Adopting a complete end-to-end approach to executive career management. Managing career lifecycles through CEO / executive mentoring solutions to achieve objectives.

Better Value Proposition

Plan / execute next career moves based on a clear value proposition to stand out / help maximise potential top-level opportunities (i.e. candidate differentiation strategy).

LinkedIn / Online Presence

LinkedIn adds a different dimension to executive search (integral element in establishing an online personal brand for targeting a wider ‘hidden’ job market).

CEO / Executive Leadership

Business / Leadership Coaching, CEO / Board Transition and CEO / Board Advisor Consultancy to support top executives in leadership roles (other solutions available).

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