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CV Writers Scotland (Execs + Directors)

Welcome to Executive Career Solutions. We offer high quality executive CV writing services Scotland and executive career management solutions across Scotland, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Dundee, Stirling, Perth, Aberdeen, Inverness and the United Kingdom, plus internationally to a few selected countries. We offer a full range of career-related solutions by managing different CEO, C-Level and company director scenarios and individual circumstances.

CV Writers Scotland

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CEO / Executive CV Writing Service Scotland

Chief Executive CV Writing Service Scotland or Board Executive CV Writing Service Scotland. Resume writing services for executives across Scotland. Optional value added Executive Career Management and Mentoring Solutions.

C-Level Executive CV Executive CV Offer

CV Writing Service Scotland
CV Writing Scotland

Director CV Writing Service Bristol

Managing Director CV Writing Service Aberdeen or Company Director CV Writing Service Scotland. Resume writing services for company directors in employment hubs across Scotland. Optional value added Director-level Mentoring and Career Management Solutions.

Company Director CV Director CV Bundle

Executive Career Mentoring Solutions Scotland

Choose from optional mentoring solutions, including LinkedIn Profiles, Executive Interviews, Job Hunting Strategies, Executive Headhunters, Personal Branding, Leadership Development and other value added services. Please enquire (subject to main resume service and availability).

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CV Services Scotland

Baseline / Key Foundations

The executive resume provides the basis for other services / add-ons. Most employers / headhunters require a resume as standard (clear expectations / critical requirement).

Integrated Approach

Once the resume is in place, integrate other solutions (i.e. incremental add-ons to build capabilities / increase overall chances of success). Combine different elements.

End-to-End Solutions

Adopting a complete end-to-end approach to executive career management. Managing career lifecycles through CEO / executive mentoring solutions to achieve objectives.

Better Value Proposition

Plan / execute next career moves based on a clear value proposition to stand out / help maximise potential top-level opportunities (i.e. candidate differentiation strategy).

LinkedIn / Online Presence

LinkedIn adds a different dimension to executive search (integral element in establishing an online personal brand for targeting a wider ‘hidden’ job market).

CEO / Executive Leadership

Business / Leadership Coaching, CEO / Board Transition and CEO / Board Advisor Consultancy to support top executives in leadership roles (other solutions available).

Scotland Job Market (Snapshot)

The idea is to give a job market overview and make some tactical recommendations regarding finding executive job opportunities. One of the key issues many employers have been quick to stress about the ‘skills drain’ and employment migration stemming from the appeal of greater opportunities, particularly in London and South East England. This skills shortage has often been perceived as a key factor in undermining the Scottish labour force, reinforced by an ageing population and the demise of traditional of heavy industry and shipbuilding. Nonetheless, there are still many opportunities for talented executives, directors and technical experts across all sectors of the Scottish economy, though salaries may be lower than other parts of the United Kingdom.

The ‘Scottish Question’

The ongoing Scotland YES / NO Referendum scenario has created greater uncertainty within the Scottish job market, with the issue set to remain unresolved for a number of years until a full constitutional arrangement is made. Until this is resolved, many employers who have ‘cross-border’ interests may decide not to invest outright, delay important decisions or simply re-locate operations south of the border into England. Nonetheless, for many companies it will be business as usual.

Scottish Job Market Opportunities

All the key employment sectors are represented in Scotland with some more prominent than others. Scotland has a vast swathe of natural resources including fisheries, food production, renewable energy and a largely thriving oil, gas, exploration and engineering sectors principally located around Aberdeen. Then there is Silicon Glen providing an area for IT / Technology companies to prosper, plus financial services, professional services and R&D scientific organisations locating in and around Glasgow and Edinburgh. This is alongside traditional industries such as whisky distilleries and textiles which have become globally-recognised niche brands in their own right.

Executive Search and Selection Scotland

Many companies in Scotland tend to operate as regional head offices for much larger global corporations. Whereas, the weakness of the banking / financial services sector has led to the break-up of once dominant players in the UK financial services market. This has led to a very transient and fragmented employment market. Most executive headhunters are found in the big cities of Glasgow and Edinburgh, with specialist recruitment consultants providing niche services to the oil, gas and engineering sector such as in Aberdeen. Dundee is renowned for being a Centre of Excellence in Research and Development, with strong links to academic institutions in the area.

Executive Headhunters Scotland

Executive headhunting firms are either off-shoots of larger UK-wide recruitment companies with regional offices in the major employment centres (head offices based in London). Alternatively, others will have developed good local networks and relationships with key players in the job market. Always research headhunting companies to find the best fit according to sector expertise, local market knowledge, types of assignments being handled and portfolio of clients under their remit. Partnering with a good local executive headhunting firm often pays dividends as much as choosing national headhunting firms depending on their relative sphere of influence in Scotland. So, choose carefully, research options and check websites to gain an impression before engaging with any executive headhunting firms.

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