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Company Director CV Writing Service for director-level roles in diverse organisations. We have different director-level solutions according to functional area (or speciality).

Company Director CV

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Company Director CV Services + Add-Ons

Company director CV services covering various disciplines, business directors and functional heads (director-level responsibilities). For help choosing appropriate services, we have highlighted a list of director resume services as well as profiling some of the main elements we consider when writing such resumes. Once chosen the relevant service, click the link to go through to the ordering page. There is also a range of value added services and options available to customise orders and match individual requirements. See our range of options for company directors.

CV Directors

Company Director CV / Resume solutions to help stand out!

LinkedIn Presence

Strengthen LinkedIn networking credentials (consistent approach).

In-Depth Chat

Extended Discussion to break everything down further.

Mentoring Options

Mentoring solutions for company directors (career progression).

Managing Director CV

Managing Director Solutions covers both managing directors and general managers of companies, with an excellent track record of decision-making and leading functional areas of the business. There is a good all-round skills set, especially strong commercial, industry and commercial awareness to deliver consistent decisions across an entire business or operating company.

Managing Director CV

Company Finance Director Resume

Company Finance Directors: Providing essential leadership to directly influence the overall financial performance of a company or business unit (depends on the size of entity). Strategy, risk management, financial decision-making, executive reporting and effective P&L control are some key elements.

Finance Director CV

Business Development Director Resume

Business Development Directors: The ability to create opportunities, maximise profitable growth and drive sales strategies in new and existing markets underpin these roles. Bringing an international dimension and executing go-to-market strategies are often key aspects.

Business Development Director CV

PR / Marketing Directors

PR / Marketing Directors: Covers different scenarios whether from a global corporation, large organisation or senior marketing executives from diverse businesses / industry sectors. Providing marketing leadership to maximise opportunities by developing integrated plans, creating innovative campaigns and using a portfolio of techniques to engage with target audiences.

Marketing Director CV

Sales Directors

Sales Director Services: Tailored solutions for UK, international or global sales directors with proven capabilities to grow businesses, exceed targets and have a strong record of achievement. Defining sales strategies, leading tactical approaches and building talented sales teams to maximise opportunities (sales pipeline and performance) through client engagement, lead generation, capture plans and senior-level contract are all key elements for sales directors. Roles may overlap with business development or commercial areas depending on how companies structure sales functions.

Sales Director CV

Commercial Directors

Commercial Director Services: Commercial directors bring together key functional areas by acting at the interface between sales, marketing, operations, production, logistics and supply chain to optimise performance, minimise risk and deliver commercial strategies. There may be additional elements regarding strategic sourcing, supplier relationships, procurement (contract tenders), key account management and developing crucial long-term partnerships with key partners all adding to the complexity of the role requiring excellent business awareness and decision-making capabilities.

Commercial Director CV

Technology / IT Director Services

Technology / IT Director Services: Technology directors are responsible for driving the long-term strategy roadmap by identifying future requirements, understanding emerging trends and managing risk in a continually changing operating environment (strong industry expertise). Creating high performing IT functions, optimising solutions and developing talented teams are all integral to IT director roles.

IT Director CV

Human Resources Director Resume

Human Resources Director Resume: Human resources directors aim to optimise ‘human capital’ elements within diverse companies and organisations. Appreciating a changing operating environment, latest legislation, managing talent, strengthening capabilities, identifying precise requirements across the entire business, stakeholder engagement and excellent decision-making skills are all essential for HR director roles.

Human Resources Director CV

Project / Programme Director CV

Project / Programme Director CV: Programme directors are responsible for delivering strategic initiatives, key projects, change management and company investments to derive tangible business benefits and achieve corporate objectives. These often result in significant outcomes that affect the entire organisation or specific functions with the purpose of strengthening capabilities, enhancing propositions, maximising commercial opportunities, driving continuous improvements and ensuring full programme governance.

Programme Director CV

Operations Director Resume

Operations Director CV: Operations directors seek to optimise performance, drive continuous improvements and manage change by seamlessly coordinating manufacturing plants, production facilities, supply chain, logistics, transport, warehousing and distribution functions. Excellent operational awareness, analytical and problem-solving skills are essential as well as the ability to develop talented teams, provide crucial leadership, improve processes, control performance, reduce costs and manage risk (knowledge of core methodologies and expertise also adds value).

Operations Director CV

Technical Director Resumes

We have solutions for more technical / specialist areas, including Transformation Directors, Technical Directors and Engineering Directors. Our expertise means we can cover different scenarios to help give ‘technical’ directors the best chance of achieving target roles.

Engineering Director CVTransformation Director CVTechnical Director CV
Online tools

Online resources for job hunting strategies and improving core interview skills / techniques.

Telephone Mentoring

Mentoring / guidance for company directors to support progression and future executive-level career moves.[/box2]

Choosing Headhunters

Devising job hunting plans alongside headhunter engagement and effective LinkedIn networking strategies.[/box2]

Better Interview Skills

Supporting company directors through 2, 3 or 4 phase interview stages to help improve performance (success).[/box2]

Value Added Services

We actively recommend choosing LinkedIn services as an initial add-on to give a consistent approach and establish an effective online presence. Networking, building contacts and increasing chances of being headhunted becomes even more important as people progress their careers, especially as developing a proven track record and engaging with higher-level executive contacts (career influencers) is often crucial for success. We also have a range of value added executive career management services to complement resumes and give a more end-to-end approach to managing the careers for executives. We have developed a range of Director CV Services and add-ons for company directors to cover different scenarios. The director resume services are aligned to Company Director UK job descriptions.

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Thank you again for your great work!
Package: Chief Financial Officer CV + LinkedIn Profile + Extended Discussion + Executive Mentoring Option (2 hours)
Domain / Sector: Luxury Goods
Location: Mainland Europe

Thank you again for your great work! Over the past few days I could fully appreciate the added value of the process and of the final product. Thanks and Regards, Eric.

I'm really pleased with the CV, you have helped me so much!
Package: Director CV + Career Add-On
Domain / Sector: Marketing
Location: UK

That all looks great, thanks. I didn't think a lot of my experience would be useful as it was a while ago. I'm really pleased with the CV, you have helped me so much! Many thanks, Regards. Becci

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