10 Successful Networking Skills for Executives and Leaders

Executive Networking Skills

Executive networking skills are used on an almost daily basis, but how can executive leaders get the most from building networks, nurturing relationships and providing the basis for conducting business with a person or company. We consider essential networking skills for executives and leaders to create a framework for successful networking. This may vary according […]

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Tips Writing Executive CV Cover Letter UK

Tips Writing Executive CV Cover Letter

The executive CV cover letter is a value added document that essentially complements the executive resume when applying for jobs. There is an expectation to have an accompanying executive CV covering letter, though it is not always needed and there are good practices to follow. Ideally, the executive resume covering letter should be no more […]

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Executive Jobs Surrey UK / Find Executive Headhunters Surrey

Help finding executive jobs Surrey and choosing executive headhunting firms Surrey. Clearly Surrey lies in the heart of the commuter-belt for London so the vast majority of employment and executive headhunter activities tend to be centralised in London. Some areas of Surrey even form part of the Greater London Conurbation, notably Kingston-Upon-Thames and Richmond. Therefore, […]

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Top 10 CEO / Executive Interview Questions Answers

Executive Interview Questions Answers

Executive interviews differ from employer to employer depending on precise requirements for each role. At ExecutiveCV.net, we frequently get asked about likely to be asked during executive interview questions answers. We advocate executives anticipating possible interview questions to help with preparation, confidence and performance simply because there are only a certain number of common questions employers […]

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Benefits of Using LinkedIn for Executives (Online Presence)

There are some clear benefits of using LinkedIn. With over 220 million subscribers, LinkedIn is clearly the world’s more prominent networking tool with many different features, add-ons and enhancements. We find that many executives simply register and then forget about LinkedIn rather than using it as a proactive tool for building contacts networks over time. […]

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Changing Expectations of Executive Search Selection UK

There are changing expectations regarding UK executive search selection processes, especially when operating in a global executive market. Gone are the traditional laid-back approaches to executive recruitment with an over-reliance on friendly contacts and executives ‘walking into opportunities’ through the ‘Executive Grapevine’. Today, executives face tougher competition, increased expectations and more challenging recruitment processes to […]

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