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We offer the Executive Director CV service alongside value added career solutions depending on individual or bespoke requirements. Executive directors usually have an element of ‘elevated’ authority within organisations, which needs to be reflected in the executive director CV.

Executive Director CV
Executive Director CV Bundle (Option 1 at £200)

Quick order (Buy Now). Executive Director CV + LinkedIn Profile, Extended Discussion, FREE Cover Letter for £200 (Saving £60 on normal prices).

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Quick order (Buy Now). More complex / technical roles: Executive Director CV + LinkedIn Profile, Extended Discussion, FREE Cover Letter for £235 (Saves £60).

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Executive Director CV (Executive Directors)

Reflecting a growing importance, the Executive Director CV is a service designed for C-level executives with added (‘elevated’) authority to run an organisation. The existence of executive director roles is very much dependent on how organisations are structured. It is often an alternative name for CEO, President or senior / divisional managing director with origins / similar roles stemming from the US. These tend to be organisations where there is a big corporate culture for a key individual is given ‘elevated’ responsibility or authority to make decisions.

Executive directors normally report to the Chairman, board of directors or executive leadership committees to ensure high-level decision-making scrutiny and leadership accountability. An executive director may be part of a big corporation, large public sector organisation (government institutions, NHS organisations) or non-profit organisation. Finding executive director roles in London, Manchester, Oxford, Reading, Berkshire, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Leeds, Bristol, Surrey, Hampshire, Cambridge, Scotland, Southampton, Guildford, Milton Keynes, Geneva, Paris, Dubai and so on. (Read more below)

Exec Resume

Exec resume solutions to help optimise ‘value proposition’

LinkedIn Presence

Strengthen LinkedIn networking credentials (consistent approach).

In-Depth Chat

Extended Discussion to help break everything down further.

Exec Mentoring

Exec-level mentoring solutions to excel at the very highest level.

C-Level CV Bundle


  • C-Level / Executive Director CV (normally £140-£145)
  • Cover Letters (1x speculative; 1x specific)
  • LinkedIn Profile (Online Brand) (normally £80)
  • Extended Discussion – up to 1.5 hours (normally £35)
  • Strategy, Leadership & Senior Executive Credentials
  • Some Technical Focus (No Technical Bias)
  • Normal Price for C-Level Bundle = £260
  • C-Level Bundle Deal = Now £200
  • Save up to £60 based on normal prices
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ADDED C-Level Bundle


  • C-Level / Executive Director CV (normally £140-£145)
  • Cover Letters (1x speculative; 1x specific)
  • LinkedIn Profile (Online Brand) (normally £80)
  • Extended Discussion – up to 1.5 hours (normally £35)
  • Strategy, Technical & Executive Leadership Credentials
  • Technical Bias or Complex Scenarios = Add £35
  • Normal Price for ADDED C-Level Bundle = £295
  • ADDED C-Level Bundle = Now £235
  • Save up to £60 based on normal prices
  • Terms & Conditions

Chief Officer CV Options


  • Executive Director CV + FREE Covering Letters= £140

  • C-Level CV Bundle (As Above) @ £200

    plus 1 hour Executive Mentoring @ £40 = £240

  • C-Level CV Bundle (As Above) @ £200

    plus 2 hours Executive Mentoring @ £40 = £280

  • ADDED C-Level Bundle (As Above) @ £235

    plus 1 hour Executive Mentoring @ £40 = £275

  • ADDED C-Level Bundle (As Above) @ £235

    plus 2 hours Executive Mentoring @ £80 = £315

  • Terms & Conditions

Executive Mentoring


  • Value Added Exec Coaching & Mentoring Solutions
  • Executive Mentoring Services (1-2 hours initially)
  • Flexibly Combine Options (Enquire About Needs)
  • Executive Coaching & Mentoring (On-Going)
  • Career Visioning (Defining Career Pathway)
  • Career Planning (Setting SMART Objectives)
  • C-Level & Executive Job hunting Strategies
  • Top-Tier Headhunter Engagement Strategies
  • Executive Interview Coaching & Performance
  • Executive Career Change Management Strategy
  • Personal Brand Development (Personal Branding)
  • Career Troubleshooting (Overcoming Key Issues)
  • CEO & Board Role Transition (First 30-90 days)
  • CEO & Executive Leadership Skills Development
  • Strategy, Business & Leadership Skills Coaching

Executive Director CV: More Information

Organisations with a ‘flat’ or ‘lean’ structure may require executive directors to fulfil ‘elevated’ leadership roles through business owners exerting a strong influence on strategic decisions or people looking after multiple divisions, several functions, operational strategy or global regions within a company. It really depends on how organisations are structured as the role can be configured for big corporations, large organisations and businesses with a flat structure or influence of the business owner is justified to have such a role. Executive directors may also bridge corporate strategy and operational areas, especially if there are certain operational projects or issues that require added attention or discipline. It is becoming more common with the role offering C-level responsibilities or a value added managing director position depending on the organisation.

Executive Directors: ‘Elevated’ Authority

Our executive director CV service aims to highlight ‘elevated’ responsibilities, leadership accountability and wider involvement across the organisation. This may include exerting influence as a business owner or high-level strategic decision-making authority in larger organisations. The executive director CV is focused on an extended discussion looking at board-level relationships, inter-dependencies and key achievements / wider impacts on the entire organisation. We align core competencies required to give executive directors a better ‘strategic’ fit for roles, whilst breaking everything down (placing CV strategy into a wider career context) and defining a suitable value proposition in the executive director CV. External link: Role of the Executive Director.

We also offer value added solutions should executive directors needs extra help with bespoke needs (charged by the hour). These may involve ongoing mentoring, interview coaching or job hunting strategies going forward depending on what people need to focus on. Contact us to discuss your executive director CV, executive director resume cover letter or any further ongoing requirements.

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