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Executive Job Hunting Strategy: Our final article on the A to Z of Executive Job Hunting considers letters S to Z. This includes developing an effective Sales Pitch, adopting a Targeted Approach, identifying Unique Selling Points (i.e. a key differentiator for executives and CEOs), having an overall career Vision, reconciling Weaknesses, offering something different (i.e. the X-Factor), setting the agenda (it is all about YOU!) and looking at ‘Zero-Rated’ elements that could lead to employer rejection. Links to other posts in this series are found below.

Part 4: Executive Job Hunting Strategy (S to Z)

Sales Pitch: Creating a 60-second pitch offers a simple framework to sell core credentials. It must be balanced between introducing oneself, conveying unique selling points (i.e. valued added skills; expertise), main achievements, motivations and aspirations. Practice a 2-minute and 30-second elevator pitch.

Targeted Approach: Focusing efforts yields better results, thus saving time, resources and lost income by securing roles much quicker. Clearly identify target roles, employers and headhunters and build up a credible business case based on core competencies, evidence of suitability and main achievements.

Unique Selling Points (USPs): Offering something unique differentiates candidates and gives a competitive advantage in finding roles. Having a unique blend of experience, international exposure, specific areas of expertise or value added skills can really benefit an employer. Identify and sell any USPs!

Vision: A clear focus (vision) often makes executives more successful at achieving ultimate career goals. Equally important, is the need to convey a vision of how candidates benefit organisations in terms of future realisation in years to come, decision-making expertise and overall ‘strategic fit’ for the role.

Weaknesses: Knowing personal limitations by identifying and reconciling issues can increase overall effectiveness. Weaknesses can be seen as an opportunity to focus on developing particular skills, building confidence and overcoming challenges to improve performance, expertise and decision-making acumen.

X-Factor: This relates to exceptional achievements by winning awards, developing specialist expertise and delivering on key strategic initiatives. This includes leading challenging projects involving restructuring, rationalisation, change management, business transformation and troubleshooting expertise for instance.

YOU are the centre of any employment search. YOU set the agenda in terms of deciding what roles, sectors and employers to target. YOU define career objectives, job hunting strategies and negotiate salary terms. YOU are in charge of your own destiny and work-life balance always make considered decisions!

Zero-Rated: Assume recruiters have a zero tolerance policy towards candidates. Ensure zero mistakes on a CV, otherwise this can lead to immediate rejection. Answer interview questions fully, honestly and in a structured manner giving clear examples, evidence of suitability and achievements. Honesty is best policy!


ExecutiveCV.net hopes these articles were useful as part of defining an executive job hunting strategy and framework to put into practice. This is not an exhaustive A to Z list and there are perhaps one or two elements that could be added, though there are only 26 letters in the English alphabet!

The advice contained is summarised and there are other articles delving into issues in greater detail (see links). We hope the advice given will lead to a successful Executive Job Hunting Strategy. Good luck!

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