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We have selected Online Career Resources to provide additional insights, objective advice and information to help support executives through job search, interview and CV / resume related activities. Career Library TV provides a useful interactive platform with advice from 100+ experts through key observations on improving skills, techniques and preparation in advance. To be successful in winning executive interviews, preparation is important as it can help candidates stand out. By covering of ‘all the bases’, gaining ‘insider knowledge’ from recruiters and adapting to different job search scenarios, this helps executives perform better at every stage of the selection, interview and assessment process. It is all about ‘building capability’ to increase chances of a successful outcome. Periodically, we will review these resources to see if there are some innovative ideas and interactive executive career resources can benefit from and we can add to this website.

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Online / Interactive Career Resources

Executive Career Solutions has built an informal relationship with Career Library TV to offer a range of online career resources. Choose to purchase DVDs directly via a one-off payment or gain Online Access via a membership subscription. Membership can be cancelled at anytime and new resources are being continually added. In the future, we hope to include other resources from other companies to provide a balance of information, resources and advice.

We have reviewed these online career resources and spoken directly to the Founder / Managing Director of the Career Library TV. Whilst choosing not to formally endorse these products and online services, the company has received recognition from a number of job boards, recruitment consultants and established organisations like the BBC. This may not be suitable for high-level executive interviews or CEO positions that we frequently deal with, though nonetheless provides a useful basis for developing relevant skills and insights. Rather than offering a sophisticated approach, it establishes a good baseline for developing more advanced job search, interview and CV / resume techniques in the future.

Advice From 100+ Top Experts

  • Benefit from advice of 100+ top experts (online career information resources)
  • Access a dedicated online toolkit with information, experiences and expertise.
  • Each product is designed to be used with different media – online, DVD or iPAD
  • Services featured by well known organisations like BBC, Daily Mail and Management Today
  • Purchase individual DVDs directly online using secure payment or subscribe to services
  • Online Toolkit – monthly or annual subscription (can be cancelled at anytime)
  • Save more – purchase Interview Skills bundle deal. Other features, resources and services may be available
  • Some reources like Executive Interview Skills are only available via the Online Toolkit.
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REVIEW OR BUY NOW! - 207 Interview Techniques
REVIEW OR BUY - Executive Interview Skills
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REVIEW OR BUY - Assessment Centres
REVIEW OR BUY - What not to say at interview
REVIEW ONLINE - Negotiation Skills
REVIEW OR BUY - Finding Your Purpose
Handling Conflict - REVIEW OR BUY ONLINE

Executive Career Solutions Disclaimer: Executive Career Solutions is not responsible for the content contained on the Career Library TV website or availability of its associated products offered by Cavendish Films. Orders are placed subject to the terms, conditions and limitations placed by Cavendish Films. Any order enquiries or complaints are to be dealt with Career Library TV and Cavendish Films directly. Executive Career Solutions has ABSOLUTELY NO LIABILITY whatsoever (consequential or otherwise) for orders, prices, secure payment methods, products, services and advice offered by Career Library TV and Cavendish Films.

CEO, Executive & Director Career Options

Choose from a range of Executive Career Management Solutions + Add-Ons

Exec Career Plans

Executive career solutions, setting SMART objectives and ongoing career planning guidance.

Executive Career Plans

Executive Interviews

CEO / Executive interview strategies, performance and core skills (improving techniques).

Executive Interview Skills

Executive Mentoring

Executive mentoring solutions, worthwhile career guidance and ongoing mentoring support.

Executive Mentoring

Exec Job Hunting

Executive job hunting skills, resources, advice and executive headhunter strategies.

Executive Job Hunting

LinkedIn Presence

Online personal brand using LinkedIn (building LinkedIn / key contacts networks).

LinkedIn Presence

Online Resources

Interactive Tools and Online Resources. Advice from 100+ experts (DVD, iPAD, Online).

Online Resources

Bespoke Solutions

Managing bespoke requirements or dealing with very specific career issues (please enquire).

Bespoke Solutions

Business Coaching

Business Coaching, Leadership Coaching and Leadership Skills Development Insights.

Business Coaching
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