Finance Director CV Template

CV writing is very subjective, though there are always core elements (key drivers) that need to be conveyed when creating a Financial Director Resume Template. Please review our dedicated page on Executive CV Examples page for more details on other Executive CVs. In the meantime, we consider the main elements for constructing an effective Financial Director Resume Template.

Financial Director Resume Template

Determining overall financial strategy

Giving evidence of determining overall financial strategy of organisations is very important for any Financial Director Resume Template. This needs to show how senior finance executives influence the wider strategic direction of organisations. This includes establishing an effective financial business model, allocating scarce financial resources and developing an integrated strategic approach covering all business functions.

Proven Financial Leadership Credentials

The Financial Director Resume Template should demonstrate where candidates have consistently led finance functions by being fully responsible for organisational financial performance and delivery against corporate objectives. This can involve putting together the necessary reporting/analysis infrastructure, essential controls and wider frameworks to assist financial decision-making across the organisation. It may also involve taking decisions on long-term financing, capital investments and working to deliver on various growth, cost reduction and efficiency initiatives for example.

Financial Risk Evaluation, Management and Exposure

Any financial decision carries a degree of risk, so any Financial Director Resume Template must consider the wider implications of taking strategic decisions. It is useful for financial directors to demonstrate risk awareness in CVs and examples of deploying sound commercial/business acumen for decisions that have positively influenced the wider organisation. This adds clear value to finance director CVs.

Effective Decision-Making Frameworks

Any Financial Director Resume Template must demonstrate where finance executives have delivered fully-compliant finance operations across the organisation to meet external audit/governance requirements, regulations and best practice. Delivering financial excellence is also about putting in place the necessary teams, skills and professional expertise to optimise business activities, budgets and overall KPI/performance metrics. This includes continually improving processes, establishing financial controls, undertaking risk analysis and putting in place core reporting/forecasting to help underpin decision-making.

Showcasing Longstanding Financial Expertise

Showcasing a long track record of financial decision-making, strategy development and leading financial operations demonstrates clear expertise in this field. This maybe reinforced through strong continued professional development (i.e. finance leadership programmes), delivering large-scale strategic initiatives and membership of professional associations, in addition to gaining relevant qualifications.

Executive Board Relationships

Getting across the ability to engage, negotiate and influence executive stakeholders is important when constructing a Financial Director Resume Template. Managing relationships at the highest level is important for ensuring financial decisions are fully evaluated, scrutinised and justified by fellow boardroom members, especially as finance/risk underpins almost every executive decision. When seeking finance director jobs, personal qualities, communication skills and critical analysis (thinking) come to the fore.

Financial Director Resume Template Conclusion hopes to have provided some useful pointers by outlining some of the core elements required in constructing a Financial Director Resume template. We offer a range of resume writing services alongside LinkedIn Profile Writing and Online Career Management propositions in helping finance directors achieve their desired employment role.

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