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Help finding executive jobs Surrey and choosing executive headhunting firms Surrey. Clearly Surrey lies in the heart of the commuter-belt for London so the vast majority of employment and executive headhunter activities tend to be centralised in London. Some areas of Surrey even form part of the Greater London Conurbation, notably Kingston-Upon-Thames and Richmond. Therefore, most employment opportunities and executive headhunter contacts tend to be found in London, with the City of London being a central employment hub. This coincides with Surrey being widely perceived (often synonymous) as the ‘Stockbroker Belt’. The Stockbroker Belt ensures a ready supply of talented individuals to work in corporate head office environments in Central London or within financial institutions within the City of London (Square Mile).

Surrey: The London Pull Factor

With most focus being on London for top-level appointments, Surrey still has a number of head offices in the area, including GlaxoSmithKline in Guildford and Sony / McClaren F1 being located near Weybridge / Woking. The pull of London as a major global employment hub means there are so many different opportunities covering diverse sectors, with the emergence of specialist executive headhunting firms in Surrey managing very niche or sector-specific assignments. This gives candidates an unprecedented choice of options and opportunities. Surrey also benefits from direct transport routes into London making it highly commutable, whilst prospering from companies relocating to greenfield sites away from Central London to ‘leafy’ Surrey catering for large purpose-built corporate headquarters / campuses.

Executive Headhunting Firms Surrey

Given proximity to London, it puts a whole host of employers and executive headhunters on the radar. Some executives are passing-up the intense daily London commute in favour of working for major brands / corporations in more semi-rural settings to cut down commuting times rather than remain in the so-called executive rat race in the City of London. It really depends on what is most important and for some it is now about achieving a better work-life balance.

With a greater concentration of employers, there is often much more intense competition for roles and talent searches, especially in and around London and the South East. This makes it all the more important to stand out in front of employers and executive headhunters, but equally the choice of employers and salary expectations are very promising. It is all about deciding what is right for the individual or whether there is any benefit in commuting to Central London.

From a tactical perspective, carefully researching / targeting employers and choosing reputable executive headhunting firms Surrey is what it is all about, where candidates also have the dual benefit from building relationships with executive headhunters Surrey as well as having similar contacts in London. Building strong relationships with good quality executive headhunters (a good portfolio of blue chip clients and well-developed recruiter / employer networks) is massively important.

Executive Headhunters Surrey: Conclusion

We have given a brief overview of the local job market for Surrey and some tips on finding executive jobs Surrey, yet it is those tactical decisions in terms of researching and finding the right executive headhunting firm(s) to partner with. By being within proximity to London, this indirectly broadens the number, scope and diversity of potential job opportunities on offer, though this largely depends on whether executives want to commute to London or not.

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