Executive Interview Skills & Performance

Welcome to our Executive Interview Skills and Advice section. We are adding new articles to this section for assisting interview preparation, developing skills and helping to improve interview performance. Whilst this is a dedicated job interview help section (see below), our Executive CV BLOG contains other advice.

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  • Job interview preparation – absolutely crucial!
  • Telephone and behavioural interview skills
  • Main interview questions and answers
  • Asking effective questions at interview
  • Improving interview performance and avoiding mistakes
  • Evidence of suitability and what headhunters / recruiters look for
  • Negotiating offer of employment details and options

Executive Job Interview Tips and Advice

Strategies for success at executive interview – Top ten tips and strategies for success at executive interviews by helping to focus on key success factors of research, preparation and performance.

Top 10 CEO / Executive Board-level Interview Questions and Answers – we often get asked about most common interview questions likely to be asked during an executive interview. See our top 10!

Behavioural / Scenario Interviews

Scenario Interview Questions and Answering Techniques for Executives – competency-based interview questions ask about how executives have applied skills / expertise to different scenarios.

Competency-based executive interview questions – anticipating interview questions can help with preparation, performance and identifying credible examples (answers and achievements)

Tips Answering Executive Interview Questions

Tips for structuring answers for questions asked at executive interview – the STAR Approach is a simple methodology to use at interview (we mention other considerations to add value to answers).

Tips Improving Executive Interview Performance

Top 10 Tips for Improving Performance at Executive Interviews – executives must ‘raise the bar’ at interview to impress employers and stand out from others (being average is not an option)

Quick tips for improving executive interview performance – there are some ‘quick wins’ in terms of executives being more effective at interview and getting the basics right at the very least!

Executive Telephone Interview Skills

Executive telephone interview skills and preparation – some useful tips on preparing for executive telephone interviews and improving performance to make an impression.

Asking Good Executive Interview Questions

Asking good first interview questions for executives – there always an opportunity to ask questions at interview, so we consider some first interview questions to ask during executive interviews.

Asking Good 2nd Interview Questions for the Executive Interview – second interview questions tend to be more specific relating to the job description, role expectations and contractual issues.

We will be periodically adding articles to help CEO / executives develop effective interview skills. Fine-tuning performance, improving techniques and effective preparation can with executive level interviews.