Management CV Strategy (Competencies)

Management CV Writing Strategy

Executive Career Solutions uses an established methodology (Management CV Strategy) by identifying four main competencies (key drivers) for management resumes. These form the basis of writing Management CVs and demonstrate longer-term and potential to succeed in new roles. To show credibility for new roles, we also identify WHAT the candidate has done to date and HOW they have done things, whilst highlighting measurable OUTCOMES / ACHIEVEMENTS to help differentiate themselves from the competition.


  • WHAT CANDIDATES HAVE DONE? – Day-to-day responsibilities, experiences and useful examples.
  • HOW THEY HAVE DONE IT? – Understanding processes, decision-making, areas of expertise, etc.
  • CREDIBLE OUTCOMES? – Showcasing verifiable achievements and wider impacts on organisations.


Some Evidence of Strategic Thinking
  • Some evidence of strategic awareness by working across different business functions and teams.
  • Some tactical decisions (interpreting strategic plans), operational planning and managing resources.
  • Influencing and engaging with senior management teams (i.e. working with strategic decision-makers).

Growing Management and Leadership Credentials
  • Demonstrating sound leadership qualities by leading, motivating and inspiring teams to meet targets.
  • Day-to-day line management, recruitment and development of teams (strong team building skills).
  • Showing long-term potential with an overall growing track record (solid business awareness skills).

Wider Management Involvement
  • Exposure to managing business operations, budgets (i.e. headcounts) and various project initiatives.
  • Working in diverse cross-functional teams across the business (possible international involvement).
  • Working closely with line managers by taking on additional responsibilities (deputising if necessary).

Growing Technical Expertise & Specialist Knowledge
  • Developing areas of specialisation, technical knowledge and expertise using technical credentials.
  • Taking the lead by giving a technical authority on decisions and projects (effective decision-making)
  • Adapting to situations, updating skills and ensuring Continued Professional Development (CPD).

MANAGEMENT CV STRATEGY considers a number of other CV competencies as part of a wider Executive / Management CV Strategy. Emphasis on each competency will vary to a lesser or greater degree depending on the scenario and individual circumstances. These are profiled in more detail at: Executive CV Strategy and Technical CV Strategy.