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Marketing Director CV / PR Director CV + Optional Career Solutions helping marketing directors differentiate themselves from the competition and stand out from other candidates. Selling credentials and marketing expertise to assist further progression.

Marketing Director CV UK / Resume Writing Services


Marketing Director CV
Director CV Bundle (Option 1 at £180)

Quick order (Buy Now). Marketing Director CV + LinkedIn Profile, Extended Discussion, FREE Cover Letter for £180 (Saving £70 on normal prices).

ADDED Director-Level CV Bundle (Option 2 at £215)

Quick order (Buy Now). More complex / technical roles: Marketing Director CV + LinkedIn Profile, Extended Discussion, FREE Cover Letter for £215 (Saves £70).

Quick Order Process (Buy Now)

1) Select service (Buy Now); 2) Make payment / receive confirmation; 3) Send over existing CV / arrange for extended discussion; 4) Extended discussion / strategy; 5) Draft CV version + finalisation process; 6) LinkedIn profile. More information / other services below.

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Marketing Director CV Solutions

The PR / Marketing Director CV Writing Service is designed for senior marketing executives of global corporations and diverse businesses. Key areas of marketing leadership include defining integrated strategies, leading talented teams, developing innovative campaigns and using different techniques to engage with target audiences and maximise potential opportunities. Marketing directors come from different backgrounds, notably FMCG, consumer goods, business to business, professional services, banking and technology for instance, each with unique market characteristics, key drivers and competition elements. Our services are tailored to different scenarios and are bespoke to the individual to make sure marketing directors stand out from the competition.


PR / Marketing CV

PR / Marketing Director CV Resume – ‘value proposition’.

LinkedIn Presence

Strengthen LinkedIn networking credentials (consistent approach).

In-Depth Chat

Extended Discussion to break everything down further.

Director Mentoring

Career Mentoring Solutions for PR / Marketing Directors.

Director CV Bundle


  • Marketing Director CV (normally £135)
  • Cover Letters (1x speculative; 1x specific)
  • LinkedIn Profile (Online Brand) (normally £80)
  • Extended Discussion – up to 1.5 hours (normally £35)
  • Strategy, Leadership & High-Level Positioning
  • Some Technical Focus (No Technical Bias)
  • Normal Price for Director Bundle = £250
  • Director Bundle Deal = Now £180
  • Save up to £70 based on normal prices
  • Review Terms and Conditions

ADDED Director Bundle


  • Marketing Director CV (normally £135)
  • Cover Letters (1x speculative; 1x specific)
  • LinkedIn Profile (Online Brand) (normally £80)
  • Extended Discussion – up to 1.5 hours (normally £35)
  • Strategy, Technical Leadership & High-Level Positioning
  • Technical Bias or Complex Scenarios = Add £35
  • Normal Price for ADDED Director Bundle = £285
  • ADDED Director Bundle = Now £215
  • Save up to £70 based on normal prices
  • Review Terms and Conditions

Company Director CV Options


  • Marketing Director CV + FREE Covering Letters = £135

  • Director CV Bundle (As Above) @ £180

    plus 1 hour Director-Level Mentoring @ £35 = £215

  • Director CV Bundle (As Above) @ £180

    plus 2 hours Director-Level Mentoring @ £70 = £250

  • ADDED Director Bundle (As Above) @ £215

    plus 1 hour Director-Level Mentoring @ £35 = £250

  • ADDED Director Bundle (As Above) @ £215

    plus 2 hours Director-Level Mentoring @ £70 = £285

  • Review Terms and Conditions

Director-Level Mentoring


  • Added Director-Level Coaching & Mentoring Solutions
  • Director-Level Mentoring Services (1-2 hours initially)
  • Flexibly Combine Options (Enquire About Needs)
  • Director-Level Coaching & Mentoring (On-Going)
  • Career Visioning (Defining Career Pathway)
  • Career Planning (Setting SMART Objectives)
  • Director-Level Job hunting Strategy
  • Headhunter Engagement & Relationship Building
  • Director Interview Coaching & Performance
  • Director-Level Career Change Management Strategy
  • Director-Level Role Transition (First 30-90 days)
  • Career Troubleshooting (Overcoming Key Issues)
  • Personal Brand Development (Personal Branding)
  • Director-Level Leadership Skills Development
  • Strategy, Business & Leadership Skills Coaching
  • Review Terms and Conditions

* Marketing Director Career Management Solutions

* Choose value-added solutions. For best results, must be ordered with a main Marketing Director CV / Resume service. The resume is a good baseline to analyse scenarios / identify further needs. NOTE: Value-added options are subject to availability (may be withdrawn at peak times).

Online Tools

Online tools for PR / marketing director job hunting strategies and improving core interview skills / techniques.

Telephone Mentoring

Guiding marketing directors to support career progression and collaborating on future executive-level career moves.

Marketing Headhunters

Devising job hunting plans alongside headhunter engagement and effective LinkedIn networking strategies.

Director Interviews

Supporting PR / marketing directors through 2, 3 or 4 phase interview stages to help improve performance (success).

PR / Marketing Director Resume

Our customers usually come from a corporate background where there is a significant international dimension, so cultural awareness, local market regulations, building contacts (events / exhibitions) and geographical coverage are all important. Moreover, the ability to understand key drivers, business requirements and risk factors underpin corporate strategy, segmentation, tactical plans and go-to-market strategies. So, having excellent market knowledge, technical expertise and strong contacts are key success factors in developing viable propositions and identifying gaps in the market to generate opportunities.

PR / Marketing Director CV Competencies

Marketing directors often offer an creative approach to develop innovative solutions, well-targeted campaigns and ensure consistent branding across multiple channels and different markets. There is also an element of team leadership, talent management, capability development, continuous improvement, client relationship building, strategic partnering, product lifecycle management, PR / media engagement, advertising, promotions, competitive positioning and managing overall performance of corporate marketing functions. This includes executive reporting, evaluating performance, market /competition analysis and listening to feedback from customers to enhance propositions and manage changing expectations. These are just some of the main things we would seek to evaluate as part of writing a marketing director CV to meet precise objectives (ideal target roles).

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You have done an excellent job...everything looks fine to me.
Package: Career Discussion + Career Visioning + Marketing Director CV + LinkedIn Profile
Domain / Sector: E-Commerce / Technology
Location: London

Many thanks for your hard work. You have done an excellent job...everything looks fine to me. I will recommend you to my friends ...whom are in similar situation, in job hunting! If i need any other services in the future ...I will come back to you. Best regards, Bashir