Our Strategic Approach

ExecutiveCV.net - Our Strategic Approach

Our approach is simple. We escape some the very traditional CV writing layouts and adopt a more fit for purpose, marketing-led and competency-based approach, which is more relevant to the CV writing needs of todays highly competitive executive job market.

Defining A Clear Strategy

Developing Effective CV Strategies

Put simply, we carefully assess all aspects involved in a successful job search to build up a wider picture of the candidate, evaluate key drivers in the job market and identify core competencies to formulate the best possible CV Strategy. At ExecutiveCV.net, we offer a more considered, targeted and thorough approach to executive CV writing, which sets us apart from the competition.

Quality Assurance – Bespoke CVs

By going through the following Executive CV Writing Methodology, we are able to deliver consistently high specification CVs by carefully matching employment market factors with candidate needs/expectations to create a best possible solution. ALL CVs are written from scratch.

Adding Value

When writing executive CVs, we use the WHAT and HOW elements to help substantiate clear OUTCOMES and convey a highly credible track record of achievement based on:

  • WHAT = Developing ideas, examples and evidence of suitability towards targeted job roles.
  • HOW = Evidence of high level decision-making, business processes and areas of expertise.
  • OUTCOMES = Showcasing impacts on the wider organisation and achievements.

Addressing Specific Issues

We evaluate executive CVs on a daily basis, so we see candidates underselling themselves, not telling recruiters exactly what they are good at (i.e. skills/expertise) and failing to convey achievements effectively. Most candidates focus on telling recruiters WHAT they have done, but fail to place the CV into context by explaining HOW they have excelled in certain areas to impact on the wider organisation via achievements.

Assessing Job Market Factors

  1. Identifying key drivers within the job market trends, requirements and key success factors
  2. Working with customers to identify target roles – targeted approaches yield far better results.
  3. Finding aspects to differentiate candidates in an intensely competitive employment market.