Start-Up Consultancy and Entrepreneurship Programme

Our Start-Up Consultancy and Entrepreneurship Programme seeks to tap into the entrepreneurial mindset of people looking to establish their own businesses or simply grow an existing business. We are looking for interesting projects using involving an element of ‘thought leadership’, business innovation or technology excellence. This means we rule out traditional types of businesses because we are always forward-thinking, visionary and innovative in our approaches. With this, we are also looking for talented UK young entrepreneurs of those people with an entrepreneurial mentality with a burning desire to succeed but just need that bit of added strategic direction to make a vision become reality!

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Start-Up Consultancy and Entrepreneurship Programme

Start-Up & Entrepreneurship Programme

At, we firmly believe in giving something back and helping to maximise the potential of others. This is why we have introduced a Start-Up Consultancy and Entrepreneurship Programme. The relationship and level of involvement can vary according to the requirements of each individual business and how much the company owner needs guidance or simply to validate decisions. Some elements are chargeable on a daily rate or as a bespoke charge, whilst some ‘quick wins’ / ‘quick support’ can be free of charge. However, we like to validate potential clients so we rely on an existing relationship as our clients must be ‘known quantities’ to us. We do not offer these services unless we know the person behind the business first and there is a previous relationship.

Essentially, the programme involves 3 elements. Firstly, supporting new start-ups and enterprises by giving them a framework to get established, gain traction and then grow by evaluating opportunities to further develop the company. Secondly, there is the need to guide and mentor entrepreneurs with ongoing support, critical insights and valuable advice to help validate decisions. Thirdly, we recognise high potential individuals by supporting young entrepreneurs or people with that added spark, drive and determination to achieve what they want. They may not want to own or run their own business, but it is important to spot and nurture that entrepreneurial mindset.

Start-Ups / Entrepreneurship

As a Start-Up Business Consultant, we have played an integral role in helping businesses get established, managing first customers and then transitioning companies into the critical growth phase. Our role has been more hands-on for certain companies, whereas we are able to offer that crucial decision-making support to help validate business strategy, take decisions or identify gaps / opportunities. Overlapping with our business coaching and mentoring, we have supported businesses in the following sectors:

Business Coaching / Mentoring

For many entrepreneurs, owning, running and then growing a business can be a very lonely place. It is very much a case of learning in the role, not being afraid of making mistakes and gradually increasing knowledge base to become successful in the future. Our business coaching and mentoring can provide that critical support to validate decisions, offer different perspectives or share knowledge. Our collaborative approach gives a framework to develop, refine and bring ideas into reality without taking unnecessary risk. The idea is to give business owners the relevant tools and strategic alternatives to give a clearer line of sight for achieving growth goals and business objectives.

Young Entrepreneurs Talent Programme

We look for high potential (talented) individuals to support young entrepreneurs or those with a very strong entrepreneurial mindset to help maximise opportunities for personal growth and professional development. We approach such individuals (by invitation only) because we have spotted that certain ‘x-factor’, exceptional people skills or persona that stands out from other people. We firmly believe such people are leaders of the future, so we provide ongoing support throughout their careers whether they decide to start a business or are looking for accelerated progression in their careers.

Having worked with several talented young entrepreneurs and high potential individuals, we can see some real results. This may be getting these individuals to think differently about themselves (and how they interact with key people), changing their mentality, developing a personal brand or directly supporting candidates in achieving accelerated progression. For instance, a number of our candidates are working on their own business projects, whilst others have achieved accelerated progression in roles ahead of their peers (age group).

STRATEGIC BUSINESS CONSULTANCY: Managing different scenarios – CEO Advisor (Board Executives) – supporting executives when transitioning into new CEO / board-level roles (i.e. brainstorming ideas, guidance and transition plans for first 30, 60 & 90 days). Strategic Business Consultancy – Supporting local businesses using strategic consultancy guidance (applying a direct ‘quick win’ approach); Corporate Profiles – Interviewing leadership teams to create a brand proposition for executives & working with web strategy teams on ideas; Start-Ups & Entrepreneurship – Supporting executives with business ventures and defining their own consultancy propositions; Young Entrepreneur Programme (Invitation Only) – Mentoring talented individuals to realise potential via accelerated progression.

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Start-Up Consultancy & Entrepreneurship

Start-Up & Entrepreneurship