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We have a range of Strategic Business Consultancy / Business Coaching Solutions for small and large businesses by providing strategic direction, ongoing support and clear guidance to achieve goals. Our clients come from diverse sectors, though we like to validate our customers in that they are known to us or there is a pre-existing relationship. The idea is to build trust and work collaboratively to get best results and ‘quick wins’. For companies, CEOs or executives requiring a less hands-on approach, we also offer CEO / Board Advisory Consultancy solutions to help validate decisions and give a different strategic perspective to ensure all strategic alternatives are defined and carefully scrutinised.

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Strategic Business Consultancy Solutions

Effective Business Coaching Skills

We have helped a growing portfolio of clients by evolving businesses, influencing strategy and strengthening capabilities within an effective business lifecycle planning framework. Our philosophy is largely based on ‘quick wins’ and applying Pareto 80/20 thinking, where 80% of results stem from 20% of key actions. With this we aim to identify those key actions, strategy roadmap and vision for achieving objectives, whether a large company or small (growing) enterprise.

Our approach is not completely based on ‘quick wins’ because there is also emphasis on giving business owners the right tools, guidance and support to fine-tune propositions, focus on the right things and build confidence for taking decisions in the future. We find that once the right tools are in place through effective coaching, it is only a matter of time before business owners will have accumulated enough of a knowledge base to start taking decisions for themselves. Equally, we will be on hand to validate decisions, offer useful insights and provide strategic perspectives if there is a future requirement.

For larger companies, we offer a CEO / Board Advisory option where we offer direct guidance to CEOs, board executives and functional directors. For smaller enterprises, our approach may be more hands-on or purely offering a strategic planning role as small companies often fail through a lack of planning, not understanding their operating environment or having poorly defined propositions. Therefore, we adopt a business lifecycle approach to planning by creating a clear framework for identifying where they are (current position relative to competitors), developing capabilities, setting priorities, transitioning to growth and gaining traction in target markets.

Our experience means we can deal with many different scenarios and overcome challenges along the way. Dealing with CEOs and executives on a daily basis allows us to keep our ‘ear to the ground’ with latest developments, trends and insights that can be crucial for future success. Very often the executives we got into their new board-level roles have come back to us and ask for help in starting their own businesses. This gives us a tremendous endorsement and massive credibility because such executives (subject matter experts in their own field) are trusting us to help get their own businesses off the ground. This means we are able to evolve businesses and offer guidance right from the beginning. Our mentality is entrepreneurial and we firmly believe that small businesses are larger businesses of the future. Our growing portfolio includes:

Growing Client Portfolio

STRATEGIC BUSINESS CONSULTANCY: Managing different scenarios – CEO Advisor (Board Executives) – supporting executives when transitioning into new CEO / board-level roles (i.e. brainstorming ideas, guidance and transition plans for first 30, 60 & 90 days). Strategic Business Consultancy – Supporting local businesses using strategic consultancy guidance (applying a direct ‘quick win’ approach); Corporate Profiles – Interviewing leadership teams to create a brand proposition for executives & working with web strategy teams on ideas; Start-Ups & Entrepreneurship – Supporting executives with business ventures and defining their own consultancy propositions; Young Entrepreneur Programme (Invitation Only) – Mentoring talented individuals to realise potential via accelerated progression.

Strategic Business Consultancy Solutions

Strategic Business Consultancy

CEO & Board Advisor Consultancy

CEO & Board Advisor Consultancy

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