Quick Tips for Improving Executive Interview Skills

Executive interviews gives candidates an ideal opportunity to stand out and make an impression in front of employers. Very often, executives let themselves down at interview through a lack of preparation or just not being bold enough during the interview. At Executive Career Solutions, we have identified some key success factors for improving executive interview performance with some quick wins and tips to get the most out of attending interviews. Standing out is the key to interview success, where employers need to be impressed and candidates need to clearly demonstrate they have the right credentials for the role in question.

Executive Interview Skills: Quick Wins

  1. Show clear energy and passion by having compelling motivations for applying. Really wanting the job and reinforcing this will the right blend of credentials can be positive selling points.
  2. Effective personal skills make a difference by showing how executives engage with others, manage interactions and communication skills. Employers are looking for higher-level communication, influencing, negotiation and relationship building skills.
  3. Preparation is often key to interview success and covers all aspects of attending interviews, including improving interview techniques, company research, anticipating questions / answers, salary negotiation strategies and performing on-the-day.
  4. Be able to confidently talk about the CV, including achievements, projects, scenarios and examples to back everything up with evidence of suitability.
  5. Interviews are very much a two-way process, so candidates are expected to ask relevant questions. Decide on interview questions to ask and prioritise them because there may not be enough time at the end of the interview.
  6. Remain professional at all times, especially controlling body language, expressions, mannerisms and posture. Avoid closed body language and come across as open, engaging and welcoming.
  7. Apply a continuous improvement approach to refining interview skills by understanding core strengths, potential weaknesses and coping strategies to help optimise performance.
  8. Be open to feedback as this can affect future interview performance. Making important adjustments here and there can significantly impact on future interview success.
  9. Answering questions effectively and providing evidence of suitability relies on having clearly defined examples that can stand up to scrutiny and questioning from interviewers.
  10. Standing out – the overriding consideration is whether candidates stand out enough to be invited back. Standing out, selling credentials and offering something different (unique selling points) are key.

Quick Wins: Executive Interview Skills

With some simple adjustments, effective preparation and having a clear interview strategy can often make the difference. Small margins are likely to decide the outcome of executive interviews, so applying some core skills, taking time to prepare and being aware of what employers are looking for always helps. How can I stand out from the competition? What can I bring to the role? Will the employer remember me? are key considerations for when attending executive interviews. External article looking at some useful tips for succeeding at CEO executive interview.

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